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Stack #1469207

Body large and heavy, lungs and heart high, stomach transverse (pg 78) Hypersthenic
Body slender and light, thorax long and narrow (pg 78) Asthenic
Build average and athletic; modified by elongation of abdomen and thorax (pg 78) Sthenic
Similar to asthenic, stomach, intestines, and gallbladder situated higher in abdomen (pg 78) Hyposthenic
Term for lying down in any position (pg 81) Recumbent
An infection acquired by patients while in the hospital (pg 37) Nosocomial infection
Refers to the destruction of pathogenic micro organisms through the progress of disinfection (pg 35) Medical asepsis
Refers to the removal of all micro organisms and their spores (reproductive cells) and is practiced in the surgical suite. (Pg 35) Surgical asepsis
Patient able to walk and not confined to a bed (pg 26) Ambulatory
What is the normal adult respiratory rate? (Pg 26) 12 to 18 breaths per minute
Difficulty breathing (pg 26) Dyspnea
What is the normal adult pulse rate? (Pg 26) 70 to 80 beats per minute
What is a pathogen? (Pg 36) Micro organisms capable of producing disease
Diameter of a needle's lumen is referred to as? (Pg 55) Gauge
What consists of a venous catheter established for a certain length of time to make a vein available for medications that have to be administered at frequent intervals? ( pg 55) Heparin lock
Device used to measure blood pressure (pg 25) Sphygmomanometer
Difficulty breathing while recumbent (pg 25) Orthopnnea
While transferring a patient to the x-ray table, the patient's (stronger or weaker) side should be placed against the x-ray table? (Pg 27) Stronger
The period of contraction of the heart chambers (pg 25) Systole
The period of relaxation of the heart chambers (pg 25) Diastole
Transmission that includes anything that transmits infectious micro organisms including contaminated blood, water, food and drugs (pg 38) Vehicle
An insect or animal carrier of infectious organisms, such as a rabid animal (pg 38) Vector
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