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Psych stack

Flashcards for psych

T/F Mindless reading is defined as understanding everything you read. False
T/F A key concept is the main topic you are reading about. True
T/F A main idea is NOT also referred to as a thesis. False
T/F A main idea is sometimes referred to as a topic sentence. True
T/F An idea is typically followed by supporting details. True
T/F Before reading you should approach the material to be read with a negative attitude. False
Before an exam you should A. Cram everything last minute B. Spread the material in many short sessions C. Sleep D. Don't do it at all B
Attitude is the foundation of your success because A. It makes you seem cool B. It makes you think C. It influences the choices you make D. It makes you rich C
As a warm up before you read, you should A. Do jumping jacks B. Go for a run C. Drink a pot of coffee D. Review previously read pages D
Previewing a reading assignment A. Provides the big picture of whats to come B. Makes you sleepy C. Makes you want to read for days D. Lets you know if it's a good book or not. A
The fastest way to preview is A. Look at the back of the book B. Read the title C. Read the whole book D. Look at the table of contents D
Chapter objectives or focus questions are A. Found at the beginning of the chapter B. Are what you can expect to learn C. Both A and B D. None of the above C
(Blank) provide a helpful overview of the topis you'll be reading about. Chapter titles and headings
Special formatting puts a spotlight on (blank). Key concepts and ideas
When reading, you should (blank) the (blank) of what you are reading. Identify, Purpose
It helps to create a list of (blank) when reading. Questions
If you (blank) on reading faster helps one to read fast and effectively. Concentrate
Looking up the definition of (blank) helps the reader if they do not understand the meaning of a word. Key words
Why is it important to read another book on the same subject? Sometimes another author will express the same ideas more clearly.
Why is it helpful to talk about what you have read with a partner? This study partner can give you feedback on where you may have misunderstood or left out something important.
Created by: matt0813