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09/04/08 Aurelia

Aurelia September 8 Geography

Geography The study of people, their enviroments and their resources
Latitude Distance north or south from the equator
Longitude Distance east or west from the Prime Meridian
Natural Resources Material that humans can take from the envoroment to survive and satisfy thier needs
Irrigation Bringing water to dry lands
Cartographer Person who makes maps
Map projection Way of drawing Earth on a flat surface
Thematic Map Map that deals with a specific topic
Isthmus Narrow strip of land
Elevation Height above sea level
Erosion Gradual wearing away
Tributary Stream or small river that flows into a larger one
Weather Conditions fo Earths atmosphere at a given time and place
Climate Average weather of a place over a period of 20 to 30 years
precipitation Water that falls in the form of rain, sleet, hail or snow
Primary source First hand information about people or events
Secondary source Account provided after the fact by people who did not directly witness or participate in the event
Bias A leaning toward or against a certain person group or idea
Artifact Object made by humans
Archeology The study of evidence left by early people in order to find out about the way of life
Culture Entire way of life developed by people
Chronology Sequence of events over time
Consumer User of good and service
Free Enterpise System in which the gonvernment plays a limited role in enonomy
Civis The study if the rights and responsibility of citizens
Created by: LadyPoldera