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Intro to geography

vocab and notes

Globe a scale model of the earth
Map a symbolic representation of all or part of the planet
Cartographers map makers
Great Circle Route traveling along a great circle
Map Protection cartographers project the round earth onto a flat surface
Planar, Cylindrical, and Conic three basic categories of map projections
Interrupted Projection resembles a globe that has been cut apart and laid flat
Grid System lines on globes and maps that cross each other to form a pattern
Hemisphere one of the halves that the earth is divided by (4)
Latitude circle the earth parallel to the equator and measure the distance north or south of the equator in degrees
Equator 0latitude from which other latitudes are calculated
Longitude or meridians, circle the earth from pole to pole (east-west)
Prime Meridian 0 Longitude
Absolute Location Every place that has a global address
Northern Hemisphere everything north of the equator
Southern Hemisphere everything south of the equator
Eastern Hemisphere everything east of the prime meridian
Western Hemisphere everything west of the prime meridian
Scale Bar shows the relationship between map measurements and actual distances on earth.
Compass Rose indicates directions
Cardinal Directions north, south, east and west
Intermediate Directions northeast, northwest,southeast, and southwest
Scale a consistent, proportional relationship between the measurements shown on the map and the measurement of the earth’s surface
Relative Location the location of one place in relation to another
Physical Map shows the location and Topography
Topography shape of the earth’s physical features
Relief- the differences in elevation, or height, of landforms the differences in elevation, or height, of landforms
Elevation- height height
Political Map shows boundaries and locations of political units such as countries, states, counties, cities, and towns
Human-made determined by humans rather than nature
Thematic Maps maps that emphasise a single idea or a particular kind of information about an area
Qualitative Maps maps that use colors, symbols, lines, or dots to show information related to a specific idea
Flow-line Maps maps that illustrate the movement of people, animals, goods, and ideas as well as physical processes like hurricanes and glaciers
Tropic of Cancer 23 ½º N
Tropic of Capricorn 23 ½º S
Created by: bandgeek17