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Auriemma US

Auriemma The United States

What are the two oceans that border the United States? Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
Which states are not part of the contiguous United States? Hawaii and Alaska
What are the five MAJOR regions that make up the United States? Coastal Plains, Appalachian Mountains, Interior (Great) Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Coast
Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. run together in an almost continuous line of settlement. What is this an example of? megalopolis
What are the five themes of geography? Location, Place, Region, Movement, Human Environment Interaction
What term can be applied to a series of mountains? range
What physical region do we live in? Gulf Coastal Plain
Which to hemispheres is the United States located in? Western and Northern
What is the relative location of the United States? North of Mexico, South of Canada, East of the Pacific Ocean, and West of the Atlantic Ocean
What climate region is Florida in? sub-tropical
What are some natural places found in the United States? Ex:Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Lake Superior, Great Plains
Name a few man made places found in the United States. Ex: Statue of Liberty, Sears Tower, Empire State Building, Alamo
What is the lowest point in the United States? Death Valley, California
What are the 5 Great Lakes? Huron, Ontarion, Michigan, Erie, Superior
Who is our Vice-President? Joe Biden
What are the first 10 Ammendments in the Constitution called? Bill of Rights
What are the three branches of US Government? Legislative, Executive, and Judicial
What are the first ten ammendments in the Constitution called? Bill of Rights
Which Ammendment gives the freedmoms of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition? 1st Ammendment
Which Ammendment gives any power not given by the Constitution to the States? 10th Ammendment
Which Ammendment does not allow you to testify against yourself in court? 5th Ammendment
Which Ammendment gives adults the right to bear arms? 2nd Ammendment
Which ammendment does not allow cruel and unusual punishment? 8th Ammendment
Which ammendment allows a trial by a jury of your peers? Ammendment 7
Which ammendment states a warrant is needed to search a home? 4th Ammendment
What is an immigrant? A person who moves to a new country to make a permanent home
What type of border is between US and Canada? The world's largest undefended border
What types of fossil fuels are used in the United States? coal, oil and natural gas
Besides states, what other political borders are there? territories
What natural structure under the water's surface formed by skeletons of small sea animals destroyed Christopher Columbus' boat the Santa Maria? Coral Reef
What is NAFTA? North American Free Trade Agreement- allowes US, Canada and Mexico to trade without tariffs.
What two landforms do both Canada and the United States share? Rocky Mountains and Great Plains
The United States has an economic system where people can start and run a business with limited government interference, what is this called? Free Enterprise System
What type of water body is wide and deep enough to allow ships to pass? Naviagble
How is Canada's health care program different than the United States? Canada has developed a national health care program
What type of economic activities can you find in the United States? fishing, shipping, manufacturing, service industries, farming, mining, and timber
What does the term NAFTA stand for? North American Free Trade Agreement
About how much money is made through trade with NAFTA? $1 billion
Which state was the first to secede from the United States resulting in the Civil War? South Carolina
What is a colony? An overseas territory or settlement tied to a parent country
How many British colonies did the US have? 13
What are the 13 colonies? Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Virginia.
Who did Florida belong to during British occupation? Spain
What is the highest point in the United States? Mt. McKinnley, Alaska
What agricultural products support Florida? Citrus, Sugar, Peanuts, potatoes and corn
What is the major exports of the United States? Food and machinery
What is the largest ethnic heritage in the United States? European
Which three groups of Europeans explored and tried to colonize the United States? England, France and Spain
What are the five main topics in American Society? history, governmnet, population, arts and literature and sports and recreation.
Where did the first Americans come froma nd why did they move here? The first Americans are believed to have come from Asia using a landbrige, they were following food.
What was the date that America declared their independence? July 4, 1776
What branch of government is the President, Vice-President, Cabinent, Agencies and Departments found under? Executive
Which two groups make up Congres? House of Representatives and the Sentate
Which branch of government is Congres? Legislative
What is the main job of the legislative branch? To make laws
Which branch of govenment interprets the laws? Judicial
Which economic region would you find farming? Midwest
How did the Industrial Revolution change the United States? The use of machinery and factories helped the US economy boom.
Why was there a big push for America to join both of the World Wars? To fight for freedom and release countries from dictators.
Which contigious state had a huge gold rush? California
What are equal rights? Rights for all people.
Created by: jauriemma