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Test 1

Basic Psychology Chapter 1 and Chapter 3

Define psychology. Psychology is defined at the science of behavior and mental processes of both human beings and animals.
What is the major problem with relying of folk wisdom or proverbs to explain behavior? Folk wisdom and proverbs cannot be refuted because they account for any event.
What is a characteristic of biased scientific investigation? Researchers allow preconceptions to cloud their observations.
Who is considered to be the father of psychology? Wilhelm Wundt
Who is associated with structuralism? Edward B. Titchener
Who was one of the earliest proponent's of functionalism? William James
What is structuralism? Structuralism is the earliest approach in modern psychology; it's goal was to analyze the basic elements of conscious experience.
What is functionalism? Functionalism is the approach to psychology that focuses on the purposes of consciousness.
What is bias? A belief that interferes with objectivity.
Explain the Law of Parsimony. The principle that simple explanations of phenomena are preferred to complex explanations.
Define the placebo effect. In drug research, positive effects associated with a person's beliefs and attitudes about the drug, even when it contains no active ingredients.
Define the faith effect. A person's belief. If you believe something so strongly, you cause it to manifest in your own body.
What is a example of the faith effect? A hysterical pregnancy.
What is the scientific method? A system of investigation in which a person makes careful observations of phenomenon, provides theories to explain the phenomenon, makes hypotheses about future behavior, and then tests them through more research and observation.
What is true about a good theory? A good theory cannot be proven and disproven.
What is a theory? An explanation for a phenomenon based on observations.
What is a case study? A case study is an in-depth analysis of one person that can often provide suggestions for further research.
Define naturalistic observation. The study of behavior it it's typical setting, with no attempt to alter it.
What is a negative side of naturalistic observation? The lack of control of what is being observed.
What is causal research? Causal research says A causes B, as in every time A happens it causes B to happen. It does not correlate to psychology which is cognitive.
What is correlational research? The relationshp of events.
What are research ethics?
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