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Animal farm vocab

Animal Farm Vocab Ch. 7-10

Emboldened having inspired or influenced with courage
Infanticide Killing of an infant
Capitulated Surrender or cease to resisting
Attribute Belonging to or resulting from or to explain by giving cause
Gilded Hit by or overlayed with a thin covering of gold, or given an attractive but deceptive appearance
Macinatious Acts of planning usually to do harm, such as plot
Sentinels People who watch or guard
Sallied Brought forward to attack besiegers
Lamentation Mournings or walls expressing sorrow or regret
Solemnly Acting in a somber, grave, gloomy and serious way
Contemptuously Feeling or expressing contempt or acting in despising manner
Indignintly Filled with anger caused something mean or unjust
Frugally Acting in a manner showing concern for how money is spent
Prevail To be frequent, continu, or become effective
Malignant Tending to produce death or injuries
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