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WR pg 15 and 16


bio life
graph write,written
metr measure
nom name,law,custom,order
psych/psycho mind,spirit
somat body
-ic like,related to
-logy study of,science
-osis condition
astro* star,heavens
geo earth,ground
naut sailor,ship
-ics science,related to,system
-y state of,quality,act;body,group
psychometric related to the measurement of mental data
psychograph chart of an individuals personality traits
psychology science of the mind
psychosomatic related to the effect of the mind on the body
psychosis condition of mental illness
psychonomic related to laws of behavior and cognitive function
psychobiology study of relationship between biological processes and behavior
astronomy science dealing with the order of ceestial bodies
astrogeology study of the structure and composition of heavenly bodies
astrology study of the influence of the stars on humans
astrometry measurement of the positions and distances of stars
astrography mapping of the planets and stars
astronautics technology of spacecraft design and building
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