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RADT 465:PatientCare

ARRT Registry Review

When a patient with one strong side and one weak side is being assisted onto an x-ray tab;e, the radiographer should (pg. 1 #1) Position the stronger side closer to the table
Honor Code violations that can prevent a radiography student from meeting ARRT certification requirements include (pg. 1 #2) Being suspended from the radiography program and being dismissed/expelled from a radiography program
For medicolegal reasons, radiographic images are not required to include the following information (pg. 1 #3) The patient's birth date
A radiographer who discloses confidential patient information to unauthorized individuals can be found guilty of (pg 1 #4) Invasion of privacy
An iatrogenic infection is one caused by (pg. 1 #5) Physician intervention
A vasomotor effect experienced after injection of a contrast agent is characterized by all of the following symptoms except (pg.1 #6) Hypotension
Demonstration of which anatomic structures require(s) ingestion of barium sulfate suspension? (pg. 2 #8) Duodenum and Pylorus
What is a drug used to treat dysrythmias? (pg. 2 #9) Lidocaine
In classifying IV contrast agents, the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water (pg. 2 #16) Osmolality
You have encountered a person who is apparently unconscious. Although you open his airway, there is no rise of the chest, and you can hear no breath sounds. You should.... (pg. 2 #15) Begin mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing, giving two full breaths
Some proteins in latex can produce mild to severe allergic reactions. Medical equipment that could contain latex includes (pg. 3 #20) Tourniquets, enema tips, and catheters
Conditions in which there is a lack of normal bone calcification include (pg. 3 #21) Rickets and osteomalacia
The legal document or individual authorized to make an individual's health care decisions, should the individual be unable to make them or himself or herself, is the (pg. 3 #24) Advance health care directive, living will, health care proxy.
When performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation "CPR" on an infant, it is recommended that the number of compressions per minute compared with that for an adult, (pg. 4 #26) Increase
A patient suffering from orthopnea would experience the least discomfort in which body position? (pg. 4 #28) Erect
Hirschsprung disease or congenital megacolon, is related to which of the following age groups? (pg. 4 # 31) Neonate
Forms of intentional misconduct include (pg. 5 # 35) Slander and invasion of privacy
What statements are correct with regard to assisting a patient from a wheelchair to an x-ray table? (pg. 5 #36) The patient's stronger side should be closer to the x-ray table
A cathartic is used to (pg. 5 #39) Stimulate defecation
When radiographing the elderly, it is helpful to (pg. 5 # 40) Address them by their full name and give straightforward instructions
An esophogram would most likely be requested for patients with which of the following esophageal disorders/symptoms? (pg. 6 #43) Varices and Achalasia
What conditions must be met in order for patient consent to be valid? (pg. 6 #48) The patient must sign the consent form before receiving sedation. The physician named on the consent form must perform the procedure. All the blanks on the consent form must be filled in before the patient signs the form.
What are examples of a fomite? (pg. 6 # 50) A doorknob, a spoon, and an x-ray table
Which of the following legal phrases defines a circumstance in which both the health care provider's and the patient's actions contributed to an injurious outcome? (pg. 6 #51) Contributory negligence
What is the first treatment for extravasation of contrast media during an IV injection? (pg. 6 #52) Apply pressure to the vein until the bleeding stops
According to the CDC, all the following are true (pg. 7 #58) Airborne precautions require that the patient wear a mask. Masks are indicated when caring for patients on MRSA precautions. Gloves are indicated when caring for a patient on droplet precautions.
The radiographer must perform which of the following procedures prior to entering a contact isolation room with a mobile x-ray unit? (pg. 8 #63) Put on a gown an gloves only
All of the following are central venous lines (pg. 8 #65) Port-a-Cath, PICC, Swan-Ganz catheter
The most effective method of sterilization is (pg. 8 #66) Moist heat
What venous device can be used for a patient requiring IV injection at frequent or regular intervals? (pg. 8 #69) Heparin lock
In reviewing a patient's blood chemistry, which of the following blood urea nitrogen (BUN) ranges is considered normal? (pg. 9 #72) 8 to 25 mg/100mL
Particulate matter entering the respiratory bronchi can cause (pg. 9 #73) Pneumoconiosis
A radiographer should recognize that gerontologic patients often have undergone physical changes that include loss of (pg. 9 #79) Muscle mass and bone calcium
What is true regarding a two member team performing mobile radiography on a patient with MRSA precautions? (pg. 10 #80) One radiographer remains "clean" that is, he or she has no physical contact with the patient. The radiographer who positions the mobile unit also makes the exposure.
Skin discoloration owing to cyanosis may be observed in the (pg. 10 #83) Gums and earlobes
Which ethical principle is related to sincerity and thruthfulness? (pg. 11 #89) Veracity
Hypochlorite bleach (Clorox) and Lysol are examples of (pg. 11 #92) Disinfectants
The act of inspiration will cause elevation of the (pg. 11 #96) Sternum and ribs
A radiologic technologist can be found guilty of a tort in what situations? (pg. 11 #97) Failure to shield a patient of childbearing age from unnecessary radiation. Performing an examination on a patient who has refused the examination. Discussing a patient's condition with a third party.
Guidelines for cleaning contaminated objects or surfaces include which of the following? (pg. 12 #98) Clean from the least contaminated to the most contaminated areas. Clean from the top down.
Types of inflammatory bowel disease include (pg. 12 #100) Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
What statements would be true regarding tracheostomy patients? (pg. 12 #101) Tracheostomy patient have difficulty speaking. Audible rattling sounds indicate a need for suction.
Protective or "reverse" isolation is required in what conditions? (pg. 12 #104) Burns and leukemia
Nitroglycerin is used (pg. 12 # 106) To relieve pain from angina prectoris
The normal average rate of respiration for a healthy patient is (pg. 13 #110) 12 to 20 breaths/min
Examples of means by which infectious microorganisms can be transmitted via indirect contact include (pg. 13 #112) A fomite and a vector
When a radiographer is obtaining a patient history, both subjective and objective data should be obtained. An example of subjective data is (pg. 14 #119) The patient states that she experiences extreme pain in the upright position
Diseases that require contact precautions include (pg. 14 #121) MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C-diff)
Which of the following medical equipment is used to determine blood pressure? (pg. 15 #127) Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer
Diseases whose mode of transmission is through the air include (pg. 15 #128) TB, mumps, and rubella
Tracheostomy is indicated in cases of tracheal obstruction when the obstruction is located (pg. 15 #130) Above the level of the larynx
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