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Spanish exam


el periodico newspaper
el periodista journalist
el puerto port
el quiosco de ... ...stand
el salon de belleza beauty parlor
el techo ceiling
el vecindario neighborhoood
empezar to start
ensenar to teach
entre between
estoy harto de... im sick of...
la banera bathtub
la comisaria police department
la oreja ear
la rodilla knee
lastimarse to injure
no estoy seguro im not sure
la una fingernail
parar to stop
la manos hands
saber to know
resfriarse to catch a cold
probar to try
quemarse to get sunburn
poder to be able to
recoger to pick
romperse to break
andar to walk
bajarse de... to get off of...
barrer to sweep
conocer to know
cortarse to get
cuidar to take care of
doblar to turn
cartero mail carrier
cerebro brain
codo elbow
la parada del merto subway stop
los labios lips
pasearse to take a walk
prestar to lend
regar to water
el comerciante merchant
el corazon heart
el cuadro painting
estante bookcase
hueso bone
el peluquero hair stylist
la comoda chest of drawers
la cuadra block
estufa stove
la fabrica factory
lavadora dishwasher
mejilla cheek
muneca wrist
sacar to take
sacudir to dust
subirse to get on
tocerse to sprain
traer to bring
volver to go
Created by: TheAsianCarp
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