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computer tech grade 9 exam study hunter

ARPANET Advanced research projects agency network
DSL digital subscriber line
IP Internet Protocol
ISDN Integrated Service Digital Network
LAN Local Area Network
NetBEUI Netbios Extended User Interface
NIC Network Interface Card
OSI Open System Intercommunication
POTS Plain Old Telephone System
SSID Service Set Idenifier
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
WAN Wide area network
WEP Wired equivalent Privacy
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
WPA Wifi Protocol acces
What is a hot spot? a hot spot is a place where you can connect to the internet
Name two types of unguided media? Infrared, radio waves
What are the three types of guided media? Coaxial Cable, Fiber Optic, Cooper Twisted Pair
What is a computer network? A connection of two or more communicating devices that are connected to form a system.
What is the purpose of a network? The purpose of a network is to share resources, and collaborate.
What are four ways to access the internet? POTS, DSL, ISDN, Satellite
Explain what a frame is? a frame is when nodes communicate in short messages called frames, which variable sized chunks of info
What is a node? device that attach to that segments are stations or nodes
How many octets are in a IP Adress 4 octets
how many binary numbers in each octet? 8 bits
how many total binary numbers 255
how many possible IP address are there 4.3 billion possibilities
How many adress in the new IPv6 2 to the 128, 128 binary # total
Created by: njovanov7613
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