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Science Questions


what is physical science study of matter and energy
what are the two main branches of physical science physics and chemistry
what is matter anything that has mass and takes up space
what is energy the ability to cause change
what is PE? Define potential energy and is stored energy due to the interactions between objects or particles
what is KE? Define kinetic energy and is energy due to motion
what is a good way to analyze data graph results, classify information, make calculations, and review data
what must you draw at the end of an experiment a conclusion
why are the SI units of measurements important it eliminates the confusion of different systems of measurement from people around the world
why are safety rules in science important they prevent injuries from occuring
define chemistry the science that deals with the composition and properties of substances and matter
define physics the science that deals with matter, energy, motion, and force
what is a device that makes work easier called? How does it make work easier a machine because it changes the size of a force, the distance the force acts, and the direction of the force
define mechanical advantage the ratio of a machine's output force produced to the input force applied
why aren't machines 100% efficient the output work is always less than the input work
define output work Wout= Fout x Dout
define input work Win= Fin x Din
what is a reference point in relationship to motion the starting point you use to describe the motion or the position of an object
how can you increase friction microscopic roughness will increase when not using lubricant
how can you reduce friction use a lubricant to reduce microscopic roughness
when is friction harmful when you slide your skin against a carpet and you get a rug burn
when is friction helpful the brakes on a car will slow down your speed and prevent you from crashing
what is the difference between speed and velocity speed is the distance divided by the time an object takes and velocity is the speed and direction of a moving object
what is constant speed the rate of change of position in which the same distance is traveled each second
distance/time graph shows what information it shows at what point in time was a certain speed traveled
what is average speed the total distance traveled divided by the total time taken to travel that distance
what is acceleration a measure of the change in velocity during a period of time
what is net force the combination of all the forces acting on an object
what causes a change in speed, direction, or both force causes a change in velocity, which causes a change in speed and direction
the force of gravity is related to what mass
what is weight measured in (SI unit) newtons
how is distance related to the force of gravity the farther the distance between objects, the less gravitational force between them
how do you calculate accleration a=Vf-Vi/t
how do you calculate speed v=d/t
what is Newton's 1st law states that if the net force acting on an object is zero, the motion of the object does not change
define inertia the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion
what is Newton's second law states that the acceleration of an object is equal to the net force exerted on the object divided by the object's mass
what equation explains Newton's second law a=f/m
what is momentum a measure of how hard it is to stop a moving object
explain the law of conservation of momentum a principle stating that the total momentum of a group of objects stays the same unless outside forces act on the objects
what is air resistance a type of fluid friction that slows the speed of a falling object
what are balanced forces forces acting on an object that combine and form a net force of zero
what are unbalanced forces forces acting on an object that combine and form a net force that is not zer
what is work the amount of energy used as a force moves an object over a distance
what is power the rate at which work is done
what is the SI Unit for work joule
what is the SI Unit for work watt
what is a fluid any substance that can flow and take the shape of the container that holds it
how does pressure affect fluids the more pressure there is, the more the fluid expands through a bottle
what is the SI Unit for pressure pascals
what is the equation for pressure p=f/a
in order for work to be done, what has to happen there has to be a force applied and the object has to be in motion
what is nuclear energy energy stored in and released from the nucleus of an atom
what is thermal energy the sum of the kinetic energy and the potential energy of the particles that make up an object
what is biomass burned materials that come from plants and animals
what is an energy transformation when the energy of one object transfers to another object
how is electrical energy produced from power plants
define the law of conservation of energy law that states that energy can be transformed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed
name the phases of matter solid, liquid, gas, and plasma
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