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physical science exm

physical science exam

physical science deals with what? A.living things B Earth and space C matter and energy. C matter and energy.
science comes for the latin word "Scientia" meaning A experiment B discussion C knowledge. knowledge.
six steps in the scientific method 1.state the problem 2 gather info 3 make a guess 4. test your guess 5 record your data 6 form a conclusion
what is a constant when we are talking about planting a flower. same soil, the amount of water and sunlight,same plant
what is a dependent variable when we are talking about planting flowers. how well the plants are growing
which is stronger a theory or a law of science. a law of science.
what does SI mean meter
what does mass mean grams
what does temperature mean kelivn
what does liquid volume mean liter
what does the circle graph look like with 50/100 25/100 12/100 6/100 Draw what you think it will look like
id i ride a bike to kroger (8km) and back to house, what is my displacement> 16
speed=distance/time an ant travels 75cm in 5 sec. what is was the ants speed s=d/t 15cm/s=75cm/5s
what is the difference between weight and mass weight- is the force of gravity and mass is the amount of matter.
you weight on the moon is approximately 1/6 of that while on earth , why? the moon has less pull , the moon doesn't have that much mass either
what is the difference between statice friction and sliding friction no motion???
what are the two factors that determine the amount of gravity between two objects. mass and distance apart.
newtons 3rd law of motion "for every action force on an object..... equal and opposite reaction
F=mxg Gravitational Force+ mass X acceleration what would be the gravitational force on a sky diver with the mass of 60 kg. F=60 x 9.8 m/s squared =588 newtons.
give a brief definiton / explanation for friction a force , when two parts of matter pass by each other.
newtons 2nd law force=massX acceleration an85 kg mass has an accekeration of 5.5 m/s. what is the net force. 85 kg X 5.5 m/s -467.5 newtons
how could the kinetic energy of a truck be increased without incresing the trucks speed? Increase the mass
a glass vase is sitting on an armoire shelf 1.5 m above the floor. explain two ways in which the gravitational potential every of the vase might be changed up, down, add mass
explain whether an object can have kinetuc energy and potential energy at the same time it has to be free falling
a light bulb is a device that transforms electrical energy into____ and ____ heat and light
the law of conservation of energy states... energy cant be created pr distroyed it can be foremed.
what is kinetice energy energy of motion
what is potential energy stored energy
Created by: maddielayne