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RADT456: Pat. Care

ARRT Registry Review

Transmission by food, water, drugs, or blood is known as? vehicle pg. 79
Transmission by insect or animal is known as? Vector pg. 79
Transmission by dressing, instruments, clothing, dishes is known as? fomites pg. 79
The complete removal of microorganisms and their spores from the surface of an object is known as? Surgical asepsis pg.104
To reduce the number of spores is known as? medical asepsis pg. 104
A solution capable of destroying pathogenic micro-organisms or inhibiting their growth is called? disinfectant pg. 185
When the table or bed is inclined with the patients head lower than the rest of the body it is said the patient is in what position? Trendelenburg pg. 57
When the patient is positioned so the head is higher than the rest of the body it is called what? Fowlers pg. 57
Shock due to rapid fluid or blood loss is called what? Hypovolemic pg. 154
Shock due to the heart not pumping enough blood to vital organs is called what? Cardiogenic pg. 155
Shock due to the pooling of blood in peripheral vessels is called what? Distributive pg.155
Shock due to the loss of sympathetic tone is called what? Neurogenic pg. 155
Shock due to the body being invaded by bacteria is called? Septic pg. 155
Shock due to something blocking the flow to or from the heart is called what? Obstructive pg. 157
What are the three types of distributive shock? Neurogenic, Septic, Anaphylactic pg. 155
What BUN range is considered normal? 8-25
Creatinine range that is considered normal is? .6- 1.5
Container holding several doses of medication is known as? Vial
Quantity of medication introduced through IV over a period of time is called what? infusion
Normal rate of respiration for a healthy adult. 12-20 breaths/min
The practice that is used to retard the growth of a pathogenic bacteria is called? antisepsis
What drug is used to treat dysrhythmias? lidocaine
The stage of infection where the infective microbes begin to multiple is called what? Incubation period
The stage of infection where it is introduced and lies dormant is known as? latent period
What is the stage of infection where signs and symptoms begin? disease period
What is the stage of infection where the patient fights the disease, and the symptoms regress? Convalescent (recovery)
To show what structures requires the ingestion of barium? (2) duodenum & pylorus
When performing CPR on an infant, the number of compressions per minute is? increase
A patient with orthopnea should be in what position? erect
Hirschsprung disease is relevant to what age group? neonate
What refers to the right of all people to make a decision free from external pressure? autonomy pg 8
What refers to the fact that all acts must be meant to attain a good result ? beneficience pg 9
2 forms of intentional misconduct include? slander & invasion of privacy
What is used to stimulate defecation? cathartic
3 things an esophagram would be likely to be requested for? varices, achalasia, & hiatal hernia
For a consent to be valid, it must include what 3 things? pt sign before sedation, physician name, all blanks filled
A situation where the health care provider and the patient are at fault? contributory negligence
First treatment for extravasation is what? apply pressure
A swan-ganz is a(n) what? iv catheter
Salem-sump and Levin are what? NG tubes
For frequent IV injections, use what? heparin lock
Particulate matter entering the respiratory bronchi causes what? pneumothorax
Cyanosis can be seen as blue discoloration of? gums, nail beds, earlobes, & around mouth
Not telling the truth, but also not practicing deception is known as? veracity
Faithfulness and loyalty is another term for? fidelity
Threat of touching a patient is known as? assault
Unlawfully touching a patient is known as? battery
If pt is ignored after stating they no longer want to do the procedure, it could be ruled as? false imprisonment
When pt confidentiality is not respected, it is known as? defamation
what is used to relieve pain from angina pectoris? nitroglycerin
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