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RADT 456 Pt Care

ARRT Registry Review

What is the mechanical device used to correct an ineffectual cardiac rhythm? Defibrillator (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 2)
The legal doctrine "respondeat superior" means? Let the master answer (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 3)
A quantity of medication introduced intravenously over a period of time is termed as... An infusion (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 3)
Which of the following are condition a of a lack of normal bone calcification: rickets, osteomalacia, osteoarthritis. Rickets and Osteomalacia (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 3)
What are some early symptoms of anaphylactic shock? Dyshpagia, itching of palms and soles, and constriction of throat (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 3)
Accidental injection of medication/contrast in the tissue is called? Extravasation (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 2)
What stage of infection does the bacteria begin to divide and multiply? Incubation period (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 4)
A patient suffering from orthopnea would be more comfortable in what position? (such as in fowler, recumbent...) Erect (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 4)
Hirschsprung disease is most common in what age group? Neonates (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 4)
Forms of intentional misconduct include: Slander, invasion of privacy, and/or negligence? Slander and invasion of privacy (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 5)
What angle should the needle be in when injecting intramuscular? 90 Degrees (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 5)
An esophogram would most likely be ordered for which of the following conditions: Varices, Achalasia, and/or Dysphasia? Varices and Achalasia (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 6 )
What is a fomite? A contaminated inanimate object. Examples: utensil and doorknob (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 6 and 24 #50)
What is a Swan-Ganz catheter? An IV catheter used to measure the pumping ability of the heart to obtain pressure readings. Also used to introduce medications and IV fluids. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.8 and 25 #61)
What is a vector? An insect or animal carrier or infectious organisms. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.24 #50)
What is a central venous line? A catheter placed in a large vein. Can be used to deliver medication/ nutrition, or to monitor cardiac pressures. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.8 and 26 #65)
What are the advantages of non-ionic water-soluable contrast media? Low toxicity and fewer adverse reactions. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.9 and 28 #78)
What venous device is used for frequent or regular IV injections? Heparin lock (intermittent injection port) (Saia, Lange Q&A p.9 and 27 #69)
What is the normal range for blood urea nitrogen (BUN)? 8 to 25 mg/100mL (Saia, Lange Q&A p.9 and 27 #72)
What ethnic principle is regarded as being sincerity and truthfulness? Veracity. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.11 and 28 #89)
What is autonomy? Patients have the right to decide what they will or will not do. The right to a free will. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.29 #89)
What is beneficence? Doing good and being kind (Saia, Lange Q&A p.30 #89)
What is the ethnic principle of faithfulness and loyalty? Fidelity. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.30 #89)
What are antiseptics? Chemical to stop growth of microorganisms. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.30 #92)
What are disinfectants? Remove microorganisms. (Saia, Lange Q&A p. 30 #92)
What is a tort? An intentional or unintentional act that involved personal injury or damage to a patient. Saia, Lange Q&A p.31 #97
How many inches above the vein should the IV bag be? 18-20 inches (Saia, Lange Q&A p.12 and 31 #102)
What is an unlawful laying of hands on a patient? Battery. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.31 #99)
What is an assault? The threat of touching or laying hands on someone. (Saia, Lange Q&A p31 #99)
What is false imprisonment? Considered if a patient is ignored after saying that they do not want to continue with the exam or restraints or restraints used without a doctors order. (Saia, Lange Q&A P.31 #99)
What is defamation? Patient confidentiality is not respected and patient suffers embarrassment or mockery. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.31 #99)
What does "pc" mean? After meals. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.13 and 33 #115)
A systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg is considered? Hypertensive (Saia, Lange Q&A p.14 and 33 #117)
Which of the following are considered for contact precautions: MRSA, C-diff, and/or TB? MRSA and C-diff. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.14 and 34 #121)
What retards growth of pathogenic bacteria? Antisepsis. (Saia, Lange Q&A p.14 and 34 #124)
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