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Skin Cancers and Melanoma

Surgical technique for the removal of certain cutaneous carcinomas that allows precise microscopic marginal control by using horizontal frozen sections Mohs’ surgery (W/L pg. 929)
Skin cancer that is radioresistant Melanoma (W/L pg. 928)
Clinical features of melanoma Asymmetry, border irregularity, color variation, diameter greater than 6 mm (W/L pg. 916)
Most common type of skin cancer Basal cell carcinoma (W/L pg. 918)
Staging methods for nonmelanomas TNM (Mosbys pg. 202)
Clark staging Categorizes lesion according to invasion through levels of epidermis and dermis (Mosbys pg. 202)
Breslow’s staging Categorizes lesion according to vertical thickness between granular layer of epidermis and the deepest part of invasion (Mosbys pg. 202)
Technique of applying freezing liquid nitrogen to the skin to treat nonmelanoma Cryosurgery (W/L pg. 929)
Kaposi’s sarcoma AIDS associated type of skin cancer arising from vascular tissues (W/L pg. 919)
Merkel’s cell carcinoma Rare but aggressive type of skin cancer (W/L pg. 919)
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