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Science 2nd 9 w test

Science Second Nine Weeks Test: Question and Anwser

What is used in thermostats? Bimetallic strips
What device uses outside energy to transfer thermal energy from cool area to a warm area? Refrigerator
What temperature is absolute zero? 0 degrees Kelvin
Describe the volume of a gas. No definite volume
What is a device that we use that involves thermal expansion? Thermometer
How does the melting point of water compare to the freezing point of water? They are equal
What temperature does water freeze on the Celsius Scale? 0 degrees Celsius
Name three common temperature scales. Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin
What is the phase change from a liquid to a solid? Freezing
What temperature does water freeze on the Fahrenheit scale? 32 degrees fahrenheit
What are 3 heat transfers. Conduction, Radiation, Convection
What happens to a bimetallic strip when it is heated? It expands
What is the coldest temperature on the Celsius scale? -273 degrees Celsius
What is the phase change from gas to liquid? Condesation
When you see circular arrows going around and around, which type of heat transfer is that? Convection
What temperature does water boil on Celsius scale? 100 degrees Celsius
What is the phase change from liquid to gas? Vaporization
What is the phase change from solid to liquid? Melting
What are 3 ways to increase solubility. Temperature increase, stirring, and crushing
What type of chemical reaction releases energy? Exothermic
What type of chemical reaction absorbs energy? Endothermic
What are 4 clues that a chemical reaction has occurred? Change in temperature, gas production, color change, and production of new material
What materials are present at the beginning of the reaction? Reactants
What are the ending materials in a chemical equation? Products
Name two advantages of using nuclear power. It is safer and cleaner
Name two disadvantages of using nuclear power. It makes nuclear waste and hard to mine
What process do nuclear power plants use to produce energy? Nuclear Fusion
What nuclear process powers the sun? Nuclear Fission
State 4 properties of nonmetals. Poor conductors of heat, dull, gases, brittle
Give 4 example of nonmetals. wood, plastic, cloth, air
State 4 properties of metals. Good conductors of heat, shiny, ductile, malleable
Give 4 examples of metals. Gold, zinc, silver, aluminum
Where are the metals located on the periodic table? To the left of the staircase
Where are the nonmetals located on the periodic table? To the right of the staircase
Which type element forms positive ions in chemical reactions? Metals
Which type element gain electrons in chemical reactions? Nonmetals
Which type elements form a covalent bond? Nonmetals
Which type of elements form an ionic bond? Metal and nonmetals
Created by: laurenbarrett