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fellowship of-rings


company gathering of people for a social purpose
kin ones relative by blood
hither to this place
swan to wander around wildly
mantle a loose fitting coat
hemmed border of a cloth
wizard person with magic powers
burden something hard to bear
dwell an inhababitat
sullen humored
shaven to cut hair off
reigns period time of rules
sore tender or painful to the touch
tarry delay
seized to grasp and hold
plunged to thrust or cast
fellow a boy or man
bind to hold with a belt or rope
homely familiar
chain mail armour
pungent nasty smell
veiled conceales face or head from view
meddle to interfere in another persons buisness
whither to dry up
woken to come to conscionce
delved to search for information
wrought fashioned
brand trademark
conspiriy a plan to do an evil act
broad covering a wide area
Created by: scotish