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First Geo Vocab Test

Study these Geography terms and have fun

Hemisphere half of the terrestrial globe; the northern or southern half of the earth
Isthmus a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas
Tropical located in or used in either of two parallels of the earth's latitude (23 and _ degrees north of the equator or 23 and _ degrees south)
legend also called the key.. is a small table accompanying the map that explains the symbols that are used on the map.
Saturation the act of treating, furnishing or changing with something where no more can be absorbed, dissolved or retained
Sediment material that settles to the bottom of a liquid; material deposited by water, wind or glaciers
Archipelago an expanse of water with many scattered islands; a group of islands
Cartography the art or work of making maps or charts
Reservoir a place where something is kept in store, especially an artificial lake where water is kept in quantity
Terrain ground; the physical or surface features of a tract of land
Meridian an imaginary great circle on the earth's surface passing through the north and south poles
Peninsula a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected by an isthmus with the mainland
Polar pertaining to the North or South Pole regions; diametrically opposite
Permafrost a lasting frozen layer at variable depth below the earth's surface in frigid regions
Piedmont lying or formed at the base of mountains
Latitude the angular distance north or south from the earth's equator measured in degrees
Meander to follow a winding, indirect or intricate course; to wander aimlessly
Topography detailed graphic delineation, mapping or charting of the surface configuration of an area
Tributary a stream feeding a larger stream or lake
Continent one of the main landmasses of the globe
Abrasion a rubbing or wearing away; a place where the surface has been scraped off
Erosion state of being worn away in degrees by the action of water, wind, or glacial ice
Permeable having pores or openings that allow liquids or gases to pass through
Reclamation the act or process of altering from an undesirable or uncultivated state; the obtaining from a waste product
Equator the great imaginary circle of the earth that is equidistant from the North & South Poles
Glacier large body of ice moving slowly downward or spreading outward
Created by: tkeir