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Pharmacology Ch.4

What was the first true antibiotic? Sulfonamide
What antibiotic was made in the 1940's? penicillin
What is it called when bacterium needs oxygen to survive? Aerobic
What is it called when bacterium does not need oxygen to survive? Anaerobic
Infections that are acquired by a patient while in a hospital? Nosocomial
What shape are bacteria cells? Round, Rod-Shaped, and Curved
A staining technique that divides bacteria into gram-positive or gram-negative based on the properties of the cell walls? Gram Staining
Gram-Negative Red
Gram-Positive Purple
What are some symptoms of bacterial infections? Fever or increased white blood cells
If an antibiotic is Bactericidal Agent then what does that mean? Kills Bacteria
If an antibiotic is a bacteriostatic agent then what does that mean? Slows bacteria down
How long are bacterial infections contagious? 24 to 48 hrs
An antibiotic that is effective against multiple organisms? Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic
Treatment begun before a definite diagnose can be obtained? Empirical Treatment
When dispensing antibiotics and counting them out on a tray what do you need to clean the tray with after finished using it? Alcohol
What do we use to clean our skin with before say we do a surgery? Antiseptic
What do we use to clean tables with before using them? Disinfectant
What are two examples of sulfonamides? Bactrim and Macrodantin
What are two auxiliary stickers that we would place on sulfonamide antibiotics? Take with fluids and Avoid sun exposure
What are sulfonamides used to treat? UTI and Otitis Media
A reaction that can be fatal, marked by large red blotches on the skin- can occur from use of sulfas? Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
What are two examples of penicillin? Amoxicillin and Penicillin V
What are two things that penicillin treats? Abscesses and Strep Throat
What are two side effects of penicillin? Allergic Reaction and Upset Stomach
What type of penicillin is used in treating STD's and should be refrigerated? Penicillin G
What are two Auxiliary stickers that you should place on a Penicillin prescription? Take on empty stomach and Take with plenty fluids
What type of penicillin is available as a liquid or tablet and use for strep throat? Penicillin V
What type of penicillin is used as both an injectable and taken orally? Ampicillin
What type of penicillin is dosed three times a day? Amoxicillin
Name two drugs that you could substitute for penicillin if you have are resistant to penicillin? Augumentin and Timentin
What type of auxiliary sticker would Augumentin and Timentin get? Take with food
What type of antibiotics has a class similar to that of penicillin but with a different antibacterial spectrum. This antibiotic is also divided into 4 generation agents? Cephalosporin
What does community acquired mean? Not acquired in the hospital
Name three examples of cephalosporin antibiotics? Cephalexin- Keflex, Cefaclor- Ceclor, Cefdnir- Omnicef
Which generation of cephalosporins have a long half life and is used to treat severe infections? Third Generation
What are three things that cephalosporins are used to treat? Dental Work, Heart Procedures, and Meningitis
What are some possible side effects of cephalosporin? Allergic Reaction, Diarrhea, and Upset Stomach
Why should diabetic patients not use liquid form of Omnicef? Because it has a high sugar content
What type of auxiliary stickers do we put on Cephalosporins? If liquid Refrigerate and shake well, If tablets take with plenty of fluid and on empty stomach
What group of antibiotic drugs is produced by soil organisms? Tetracycline
Should we use Tetracyclines once they have expired? Why? No, because they become toxic
What are something's that we treat with tetracycline antibiotics? Antrax, Lyme Disease, and Rocky Moutain Fever
What are some potential side effects of tetracycline drugs? GI Upset and Nausea and Vomiting
What are some examples of Tetracyclines? Doxycycline- Vibramycin and Tetracycline- Sumycin
What auxiliary stickers would you put on Tetracycline prescriptions? Sun Sensitivity, Do not take with antacids, and Avoid sun exposure
What are Tigecyclines used to treat? Abdominal and Skin infections
What class of bacteriostatic antibiotics inhibit protein synthesis by combining with ribosomes; used primarily to treat pulmonary infections? Macrolide
What are Macrolides used to treat? Respiratory Tract Infections and Sinus Infections
What type of auxiliary stickers would you put on a Macrolide prescription? Take with food and take with plenty of fluids
Give two examples of Macrolides? Biaxin and Zithromax
What are some side effects of Macrolides? Upset Stomach and Plenty of fluids
A classs of antibiotics that block protein synthesis by binding to ribosomal subunits and may also inhibit the formation of new ribosomes; used primarily to treat bacterial, lung, and sinus infections? Ketolide
What are Ketolides used to treat? Lung and sinus infections
What are some possible side effects of ketolides? Arrythmia and Blurred vision
What type of auxiliary stickers do Ketolides get? Blurred Vision and Plenty of fluids
What are some examples of Ketolides? Ketek
What type of antibiotic has rapid bactericidal action against most gram-negative and gram- positive bacteria? Quinolones
What are some examples of Quinolones? Cipro, Levaquin, and Floxin
What type of auxiliary stickers should we put on Quinolones prescriptions? Avoid sun exposure and do not take with antacids
What are Quinolones used to treat? Joint Disorders and Eye Infections
What are some possible side effects of Quinolones? Nausea and Vomiting and Upset Stomach
What type of antibiotics are used to treat serious blood infections? Aminoglycoside
What are some examples of Aminoglycoside? Garamycin, Nebcin, and Neomycin
What are some side effects of aminoglycosides? Nephrotoxicity and Ototoxicity
Infection in the blood is called? Sepsis
What antibiotic interferes with bacterial wall synthesis? Vancomycin
What are some things Vancomycin treats? Staph Infection and Kidney Disease
What are some side effects of Vancomycin? Red Man Syndrome
What type of antibiotic is a broad-spectrum that inhibits protein synthesis? Clindamycin
What does Clindamycin treat? Acne, Bone Infections, and Bowel Infections
What are some side effects of Clindamycin? Causes the lining of the intestine to sloth off and have bloody diarrhea
What antibiotic is effective against fungi and protozoa as well as bacteria? Flagyl
What does Flagyl treat? Fungal and Protozoa Infections
What are some side effects of Flagyl? Diarrhea and Rash
What type of auxiliary stickers do Flagyl get? Do not drink alcohol
What antibiotic do we need to be admitted to a facility before it can be administered? Pentamidine
What is a side effect of Pentamidine? Blood pressure drops
What antibiotic was the first oxazolidinone approved by the FDA? Zyvox
What are some auxiliary stickers that should go on Zyvox? Light sensitive and Plenty of fluids
Zyvox is used to treat? Staph Infections
Otic Ear
Opthalmic Eye
What antibiotic is considered an anticoagulant and is very expensive? Xigris
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