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Category and Action of Drug

Drug CategoryAction of Drug
Analgesic Relieves mild to severe pain
Anesthetic Prevents sensation of pain
Antacid/Antiulcer Neutralizes stomach acid
Anthelmintic kills, paralyzes, or inhibits the growth of parasitic worms
Antiarrhythmic Normalizes heartbeat in cases of certain cardiac arrhythmias
Antiasthmatic Treats or prevents asthma attacks
Antibiotics (anti-infectives) Kills microorganisms or inhibits or prevents their growth
Anticholinergic Blocks parasympathetic nerve impulses
Anticonvulsant Relieves or controls seizures (convulsions)
Antidepressant Relieves Depression
Tricyclic Relieves Depression
MAO Inhibitors Relieves Depression
SSRIs Relieves depression
SNRI Relieves depression
Antidiabetic Treats diabetes by reducing glucose
Antidiarrheal Relieves diarrhea
Antidote Counteracts action of specific drug class
Antiemetic Prevents or relieves nausea and vomiting
Antifungal Kills or inhibits growth of fungi
Antihistamine Counteracts effects of histamine and relieves allergic symptoms
Antihypertensive Reduces blood pressure
Anti-inflammatory Reduces inflammation
Nonsteroidal NSAIDs Reduces inflammation
Steroids Reduces inflammation
Antilipidemic Lowers blood lipids such as triglycerides
Antineoplastic Poisons cancerous cells
Antipsychotic Controls psychotic symptoms
Antipyretic Reduces fever
Antiseptic Inhibits growth of microorganisms
Antitussive Inhibits cough reflex
Bronchodilator Dilates bronchi(airways in the lungs)
Cathartic (laxative) Induces defecation, alleviates constipation
Contraceptive Reduces risk of pregnancy
Decongestant Relieves nasal swelling and congestion
Diuretic Increases urine output, reduces blood pressure and cardiac output
Expectorant Liquefies mucus in bronchi; allows expectoration of sputum mucus and phlegm
Hemostatic Controls or stops bleeding by promoting coagulation
Hormone replacement Replaces or resolves hormone deficiency
Hypnotic (sleep-inducing) or sedative induces sleep or relaxation (depending on drug potency and dosage)
Muscle relaxant Relaxes skeletal muscles
Mydriatic Constricts vessels of eye or nasal passage, raises blood pressure, dilates pupil of eye in ophthalmic preparations
Stimulant Increases activity of brain and other organs, decreases appetite
Vasoconstrictor Constricts blood vessels, increases blood pressure
Vasodilator Dilates blood vessels, decreases blood pressure
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