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geography "America"

geography "AMERICA"

who borders us: NORTH Canada
who borders us: SOUTH Mexico
who borders us: WEST Pacific Ocean
who borders us: EAST Atlantic Ocean
who is our leading trade partner Mexico
witch one of the Great Lakes is COMPLETELY in the U.S.A Lake Michigan
what are two problems that the U.S.A faces on the southern border illegal drugs/illegal imagrants
what are coastal plains sandy plains, some poorly drains, some fertile soil
what are the Appalachian mountains low rounded tree covered areas
what are central plains fertile rolling hills, forest, prairies, livestock and crops
what are the great plains flat grasslands, and dry rich soil w/ aggregation
what are the rocky mountains mineral resources and scenic beauty
what is the great basin deep canyon and rock formations
what are the pacific mountain ranges fertile valleys; Mount St. Helen, an active volcano, is at here
from what direction do prevailing winds come from in the U.S.A west to east
what current brings a lot of rain to the northwest the Japanese current
how did the city of New Orleans flood in 2005 the levees broke
what are some natural resources produced in our area cotton and peanuts
what is the greatest natural resource a country can have people
what did Jefferson say all men are created equally
what is universal culture a true blend of various people
what are demographics the study of the characteristics of people
what are urban areas a place with a population of 50,000 or more
what are the suburbs places between cities
what are rural areas a place with country settings
what is the sun belt the southern 1/3 part of the U.S.A from the Carolinas to California
where do blacks mostly live the southeastern seaboard and deep south
what is the American life span 78 yrs.
what is the nickname for constitution the law of the land
what percentage of the of the land in the west is owned by the government 55%
what is the land used for that is owned by the government in the west military purpose, the rest is used as national parks, forest, wilderness areas, and protected areas
positives about illegal immigrants hard workers willing to work maybe for less, they Increase productivity, they give freedom and opportunity to all, they also teach us about the culture
negatives about illegal immigrants they take jobs from Americans, they don't pay taxes, they use services provided by the U.S.A taxes such as ~public education ~health care ~the legal systom
Created by: Tangee0913