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gospel of matthew

The Gospel acording to mathew, for mrs. golde's class @ SMA

traditionally, this evangelist is known as who? (Matthew) mathew (the apostle and a tax collector)
mathew was also 3 things... early Jewish Chiristian, Multi-lingual (Aramaic and Greek), and a well-educated jew (possible a trained "scribe")
approx. date of WHEN this Gospel was written 70-85 A.D. (after the Jewish Revolt/separation of Jews and Christains)
WHERE it was written? - probably Antioch in SYRIA
Who was this Gospel WRITTEN FOR? Jewish Christians(educated cristians who believed in Jesus but argued over the Law)
IMAGE OF JESUS *gr8 Teacher and Law Giver (compared to MOSES), * eMMANUEL; the Messiah; the King of the Jews
What is the GENEALOGY of Jesus in this Gospel account? Traced back to ABRAHAM, and DAVID, as fulfillment of the Messiah, the true KING OF THE JEWS/
Gospel beginning -Jesus= emanuel ("God with us") - The "King of the Jews" vs. King Herod the Great. - Visit by WISE MEN, flight to Egypt
Literary Features FIVE MAJOR DISOCOURSES, well -organized, especially for teaching
Basis for Final Judgement -What you do for "the least" people, -sheep and Goat Parable
Major Theme Jesus as Fullfillment of Scripture
Major Theme Divisions within the community
Major theme final separation between Good vs. Evil
Jesus' major Opponents Pharisees and Scribes
Important Highlights _sermon on the Mount (Beatitudes) - Fulfillment of the Law (a new standard higher than the old) Mt. 5-7
Evangelist Symbol Human= human struggle of Jesus
Created by: ljdaniel