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Musculoskeletal term

Chapter 10 musculoskeletal

Appendage Any body part attached to a main structure
Hematopoiesis Production of blood cells
Ankylo Stiffness
Arthro Joint
Ortho Straight
Osteo Bone
Pedo Foot
Pedi Child
Scolio Crooked
Cephalo Head
Costo Ribs
Dactylo Fingers and Toes
Musculo Muscle
Myo Muscle
Scopy Visual examination
Dys Bad
Sub Under
Supra Above, excessive
Ankylosis Freezing of joints
Claudication Lameness, Limping
Hypotonia Loss of muscle tone
Prosthesis Replacement of part by artificial substitute
Subluxation Partial or incomplete dislocation
Reduction Procedure that restores bone to normal position
Amputation Partial or Complete removal or extremity
Gout Too much acid in bone
Ca Calcium or cancer
Fx Fracture
RA Rheumatoid arthritis
Rom Range of motion
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