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Health Behaviours

Sem 1

What is a health behaviour? A behaviour aimed at preventing disease e.g. Eating a healthy diet
What is an illness behaviour? A behaviour aimed to seek remedy e.g. Going to the Doctor
What is a sick role behaviour? Any activity aimed to get well e.g. Taking prescribed medications
According to Belloc and Breslow, what are the 7 behaviours relating to health status? 1)Sleeping for 7-8 hours a day 2) Having breakfast every day 3) Not smoking 4) Rarely eating between meals 5) Being near or at prescribed weight 6) Having moderate or no use of alcohol 7) Taking regular exercise
According to Leventhal et al (1985) what factors predict health behaviour? -Social factors -Genetics -Emotional factors -Perceived symptoms -Beliefs of the patient -Beliefs of the health professional
What is distinctiveness? The attribution about the cause of the behaviour is specific to the individual carrying out the behaviour
What is consensus? The attribution about the cause of a behaviour would be shared by others
What is consistency over time? The same attribution about causality would be made at any other time
What is consistency over modality? The same attribution would be made in a different situation
According to Weinstein, what are the four cognitive factors that contribute to unrealistic optimism? 1) Lack of personal experience with the problem 2) The belief that the problem is preventable by an individual situation 3) The belief that if the problem has not yet appeared, it will not appear in the future 4) Belief that the problem is infrequent
What are the original core beliefs of the Health Belief Model? Based upon the individual's perception of: -Susceptibility to the illness -Severity of the illness -Costs involved in carrying out the behaviour -Benefits involved in carrying out the behaviour -Cues to action (internal or external)
What additional beliefs have been added to the Health Belief Model? -Health motivation -Perceived control
What are the 7 beliefs of the Health Belief Model? -Susceptibility -Severity -Costs -Benefits -Cues to action -Health motivation -Perceived control
What are the 5 components of the Protective Motivation Theory? -Severity -Susceptibility -Response effectiveness -Self-efficacy -Fear
According to the Protective Motivation Theory, what are the two types of sources of information? Environmental and intrapersonal
Created by: SandersE