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english 10

vocab on midterm

ambidextrous able to use hands equally well, very skillful, versatile, and flexible
augment to make larger, increase, amplify, and add on
bereft deprived of, made unhappy through a loss, bereaved
deploy to position, arrange, to form up, organize, station
tentative experimental, uncertain, inconclusive
feasible able to be done, workable
grimace (n) a wry face, facial distortion, pained expression. (v) to make a wry face
nostalgia a longing for something past
tepid lukewarm, unenthusiastic, halfhearted
fallow (adj) plowed but not seeded, dormant, unproductive. (n) land left unseeded. (v) to plow but not seed
inclement stormy, harsh, severe blustery
perpetuate to make permanent, long lasting, preserve
redress (v) to set right, correct. (n) relief from wrong
urbane refined in manner or style, suave, elegant
cogent forceful, persuasive
disperse to scatter, dispel, spread
esteem (v) to regard highly, respect, honor. (n) a highly favorable opinion or judgment
finite having limits, bounded, measurable
skulk to move about stealthily, lurk, sink, prowl
assent (v) to express agreement, consent. (n) agreement
benefactor one who does good to others, patron
facile easily done or attained, effortless
plod to walk heavily or slowly, trudge
remiss neglectful in performance, lax,
brandish to wave, swing, shake
ironic suggesting an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens, sardonic, sarcastic
pinnacle high peak or point, acme, apex
supple bending easily, agile, limber, flexible, pliable
amend to change for the better, improve, modify
corrosive eating away gradually, acid like, caustic
renegade (n) one who leaves a group, outlaw (adj) unorthodox
squalid filthy, dingy, foul
waive to do without, give up voluntarily, decline
apathy a lack of feeling or emotion, a lack of interest; disinterest, detachment
commend to praise, express approval
consecrate to make sacred, sanctify
revel (v) to take great pleasure in, relish, savor. (n) a wild celebration
suave urbane, polite, pleasing to the senses
Created by: hannahorth98
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