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Unit 1

measurement Vocab

Can you list the metric prefixes in order from large to small three places before and after the base unit of Meters? Kilo,Hecto, Deka, ***base*** deci, centi, mili
Can you measure your desk, or an object, in cm? DO it! measure it and write in the answer
Define weight Define it!
In Si units what measurement would take the place of inches? cm
what is a measurement of matter and the forces of gravity pulling down on it weight
what is a measurement of how long something is? length
what is a measurement called that is using numbers or counting? quantitative (quantity)
what is the measurement of how much matter there is in an object? mass
can you tell me the difference between these 4 words? mass, weight, volume and density Tell me! (remember your concept organizer)
what is a measurement called that uses feelings or senses qualitative (quality)
the measurement of how much space an object occupies volume
the amount of matter per space an object occupies (Mass / Volume) density
what is the abbreviation for something that is 1/100 in Si units centi
what is a nanometer (mathematically,how small is it?) 10 to the -9th super super super tiny (9 places behind the decimal)
what is a micrometer (mathematically, how small is it?) it is a microscopic size at 10 to the -6th (6 places behind the decimal)
When you create a testable way to investigate something you state the relationship of cause and effect in a sentence. This sentence is called the_____________ hypothesis
things that could effect a test/ science investigation are collectively called the variables
In an "If and Then" statement the variable that the person chooses to manipulate is called what type of variable? independent variable
In an "if and then" statement the outcome is known as what type of a variable? dependent variable
what are the 5 basic steps of the scientific method identify a problem, hypothesis, procedures, data, conclusion
design a simple/tiny experiment to determine how we could test how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Do... Think about this question ahead of time so that you can make an easy answer using the scientific method.
How many kg in 37 g
How many ml in 10 kl