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Bob 2013-2014

Practice Questions

In this book a tin covered book in his pocket saves his life when a boy is shot. The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
In what book is the bald man convinced that his country is doomed no matter whose hands it falls into? Between Shades of Gray
In which book does a thief threaten to destroy a lady if his demands are not met? Chasing Vermeer
In what book does a man decide to do his show with strictly wild animals? Chomp
In what book is a character invited to join a man in Africa? Cinder
In what book does a phone call from Cody contain good news? Cracker: The Best Dog in Vietnam
In what book would people rather pay their taxes in cash instead of crops? Dark Life
In what book do red pins on a map indicate the death of an original homesteader? Dead End in Norvelt
In what book does a play that the team has never run before win the game? Deep Zone
In what book does the main character tell another, "She's got no concept of personal space. No respect for privacy. The world is her playground." Flipped
In which book did the main character realize that he had to get to South Georgia? Ice Story: Shackleton's Lost Expedition
In what book did a character follow Claire to school to apologize for scaring her? Ida B: and her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster and (Possibly) Save the World
In what book do misspelled words form a code? Legend
In which book does a character have to answer the question “WHO ARE YOU?” in a self- portrait? Middle School: Get Me Out of Here
In what book does Matt Spell want to become a real newspaper reporter? My Side of the Mountain
In what book is a chapter entitled, "Outside at Last"? The One and Only Ivan
In which book was the main character writing a memoir as a year-long school assignment? Out of My Mind
In which book does one character want her ears pierced for her 12th birthday? Smile
In what book are many plans put forth to obtain hamburgers? Stick Dog
In what book do they threaten to deport Jack Starbright if the main character doesn't cooperate with the agency? Stormbreaker
Created by: mccartyg
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