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sterile products

Chapter 1 (6 types parenteral rts)

subcutaneous injections injected underneath the skin
subcutaneous injections this route has a slower onset
subcutaneous injections the maximum volume that can be injected is 2ml
subcutaneous injections insulin dependant patients use this route and can be taught to self administer
subcutaneous injections should be administered with a large gauge needle
subcutaneous injections SC or SQ
intramuscular route medication is injected deep into a large muscle mass such as buttocks, thighs and upper arms
intramuscular route up to 2.5 ml can be given in this form of injection
intramuscular route pain is associated with this type of injection
intramuscular route IM
intramuscular route this type of injections is used for some antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, vax, and suspensions, and oil based products
intramuscular route doses range from 2.0 ml to 5.0 ml
intramuscular route uses a large gauge needle but length must be considered not to pass thru dermal layers
intraveneous route IV
intraveneous route medication is delivered straight into the blood stream with this method
intraveneous route this route is preffered for medications that are irritating and are quickly diluted
intraveneous route this route is not as limited as the other routes
intraveneous route achieves rapid effects
Intradermal route ID
Intradermal route the medication is directly injected into the skins dermal layer
Intradermal route used for skin tests such as tuberculosis and allergies
Intradermal route administeration cannot exceed volumes greater than 0.1 ml and large gauge needle
Intracardiac route IC
Intracardiac route medication is injected directly into the heart muscle
Intracardiac route this medication is used in emergency cardiac cases
Intracardiac route example epinephrine which comes in a prefilled syringe
epidural route this medication is injected directly into the epidural space( the anatomic structure that surrounds the dura matter w/in spinal canal
Intrathecal route IT
Intrathecal route this medication is injected directly into the subarachnoid space surrounding the spinal cord.
Intrathecal route used in administering chemo for brain cancers/tumors
Intrathecal route must be preservative free
Intraveneous IV
Intraveneous this route administers medication directly into the vein
Intraveneous acheives RAPID results
Intraveneous not restricted to a certain amount of fluid administered but often is restricted by the patients physical state/
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