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Library Rules

Mrs. Hooks' Library Rules

On Wednesdays, where does everyone check out from? The top of the shelves or the books on display.
What cannot be used on Wednesdays? A library stick.
Which comes first: returning library stick, getting library card, or getting in line? Returning library stick.
If someone is running or chasing me, I will not get in trouble if I am running or chasing after them. False. Any running, chasing, or hiding is not allowed in the library. If you have a problem with someone, go tell Mrs. Hooks.
Is it okay to use the bathroom without asking for permission? Yes, just get up quietly and go to the bathroom. Make sure you flush, wash, and put trash IN the can.
What are reasons I would not be allowed to check out a book? If you have any late books (even just one), the computer system will not allow you to check out. If you have very overdue books or owe money for a book, you will not be permitted to check out.
What is not allowed in line: shoes behind the shoes in front of you, looking at the door, talking. Talking is not allowed. When any teacher at Sorrento says "Line Up" they mean "line up now, in a straight line, without touching anyone, without talking."
May I check out a book from the return cart? Yes, as long as you take it carefully and neatly from the return cart.
If we came in the back door and we leave through the back door, what shouldn't we do when we are lining up to leave? You shouldn't touch the books on the shelves. You shouldn't push the books to the back of the shelves. You shouldn't lean on the shelves.
If I want to return my books, when do I do that? Books are to be returned when you enter the library. Line up at the check out counter and you will scan your books back into the system. Then you place your books on the counter by the bathrooms. You cannot return them later in class.
If I want to renew my books, what do I do? Nothing. Just keep the books with you that you want again. During check out time, scan them as though you never had the books before. Don't scan them in during return time.
I cannot check out a book. May I walk around and "just look at" the books or walk with a friend to "help them?" No. Sorry, but if you are not checking out books or when you are done checking out books you must go to your seat at the table and stay there.
Where are the fiction books? Fiction (chapter books) are on the outside walls on the tall shelves.
Where are the easy fiction books? Easy fiction (picture books) are on the low shelves under the windows.
Who is allowed to check out the easy fiction books? Anyone may check out the easy fiction books. You will find many of your favorite books there with reading levels up to and including yellow 5. Don't be afraid to choose a shorter book to enjoy!
Where can I find a book about a sports person? Go to the biography section. The shelves are labeled with alphabet letters. Go to the shelf with the letter that begins the person's last name.
Where are military books? Military branches of service are in the 300's while military machines are in the 600's.
Where are the books about aliens and ghosts? Look in the 000's of the non-fiction section.
Where are books about space? Space, planets, stars, etc. are found in the 523's.
Where are the how to draw books? How to draw books are in with the arts and crafts books in the 740's.
Where are pet books? Dogs, cats, horses, and other other pets/farm animals are in the 636's.
Where are the fairy tales? Fairy Tales and Tall Tales and Folklore are in the 398's.
Where are car and truck books? Cars and trucks and other things that "go" are in the 600's.
Where are sports? Sports books are in the 796's. There is a labeled shelf for each sport.
Where are the poetry books? Poetry books are in the 800's.
I want a scary chapter book. Look for the SCARY sticker with a ghost on it on the spines of books in the fiction section.
Why aren't all the scary chapter books together? Fiction chapter books are on the shelf together by the author. So if an author has written a lot of scary books, they will be together but only b/c they are by the same person.
What if I just don't feel like checking out a book today? You will hurt my feelings that you couldn't find even one good book in the library! May I suggest something to you??