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Ethics & Good /Groom

Beauty, Hair Removal, and Electrolysis

Why should the Electrologist never repeat gossip to patrons or co-workers? Repeating gossip will cause loss of confidence.
Which two emotions can injure health? Worry and Fear
Avoid body orders by using what? Deodorant
The public should never be served by an Electrologist having what? Infectious or Contagious diseases.
How does regular exercise assist in forming the habit of good posture? Exercise keeps the muscles of the body in good condition.
Why is correct sitting position important? A correct sitting position will help to eliminate general fatigue and back strain.
How does one sit to avoid back strain? Sit with the lower back against chair. Body weight should rest upon the full length of the thigh.
Why should the student develop a pleasing personality? A pleasing personality will help the student to become successful.
Your personality is the keep to what? Success. It is your greatest asset in life.
How do you spell the coarse you are taking at this school? ELECTROLOGY
Define Hygiene: Hygiene is a branch of applied science which deals with healthful living. It includes both personal and public hygiene.
Define Personal Hygiene: Cleanliness, Posture, Exercise, Relaxation, Adequate Sleep, Balanced Diet, Wholesome Thoughts
Public Hygiene or Sanitation refers to the steps taken by the government to promote public health. Name Five. Pure Air, Pure Food, Pure Water, Adequate Sewage, Control of Disease
Define Ethics: Ethics deals with proper conduct and business dealings in relation to employer, patrons and co-workers.
Created by: Ave2013