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Language Arts Vocab.

Vigil wakefulness maintained for any reason during hours of sleep
Shrouded to cover up
Eerie so as to inspire superstitious fear
Morbid unhealthy mental state or aditude
Solace comfort in sorrow
Proffer to put before a person for acceptance
Presumptous showing or doing bold actions before approval
Aghast struck with overwhelming shock
Oppresive burdensome, causing discomfort by being intense
Reverberate to resound or reflect sound
Placidly to do something quietly
Mar damage or spoil to a certain extent
Fate something that unavoidably befalls
Ill-gotten acquired by dishonest or evil means
Audible capable of being heard
Amiable displaying friendly manner, good qualities
Enthrall to capture attention, to hold in slavery
Malign evil in nature. to speak harmful untruths
Prosaic lacking poetic energy, dull, prose
Frivolous not having serious purpose
Antidote a medicine or other remedy for counteracting, disease
Counteract to act in opposition to
Geneaology a record of the ancestry and decent of family
Congenial pleasing in nature or character
Conjecture the formation or expression of an opinion without evidence or proof
Emancipation process of being set free
Manifest readily perceived by the eye or the understanding
Negligance being neglected
Compliance act of confirming
Fallacy deceptive, misleading, or false
Created by: AahilKhetani
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