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Deana's Semester Unit II Terms

imitation repitition of a phrase or melody similar to "rounds"
word painting making music sound like what the words are saying
modes scales based upon different patterns than major or minor scales used in Gregorian chant
rythmic modes patterns based on triple meter referred to by number- symbolic of "The Trinity"
Gregorian chant monophonic melody w/a free flowing, unmeasured, all male, latin, a capella vocal line Roman Catholic worship music
a capella all vocals, no instruments
organum act of adding a second voice to run above or below a slowed down Gregorian chant melody earliest polyphonic music
melismatic a vocal style where many pitches are sung on one vowel seen earliest in Gregorian chant, used more in organum
mass proper portion of "The Mass" which changed according to the season proper-appropriate
mass ordinary portion of "The Mass" which stayed the same year round ordinary-unchanged-usual
SATB soprano alto tenor bass (blank)
Created by: Deana