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Dog 5&8

From which direction does the sun rise in Los Angela's CA East
Name the four seas that surround the phillipeans Sulu sea, South China Sea, Celebes sea, Philippine sea
The Tropic of Cancer cuts through which large North American country Mexico
Which state is west of New Hampshire and east of New York Vermont
Which oceans border Australia Indian and pacific
Which land form and river form most of the eastern border of Europe Ural mountains and ural river
Which city would probably have a warmer climate, one at 20 degrees N or 40 degrees S. Why 20 degrees N because it is closer to the equator
Which Capitol is near the equator and 80 degrees W Quito, equator
What is the Capitol of the country whose neighbors are Columbia, Brazil, and Guyana Caracas Venezuela
What is the difference between a plateau and a plain A plain is flat and a plateau rises above the surrounding land
What is difference between absolute location and relative location Absolute location is like a definite place with coordinates.has latitude and longitude lines. Relative is like a general area
Name the seven countries that make up Central America Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, panama
If it is winter in Poland what season is it in Zimbabwe, why It is summer because they are in opposite hemispheres
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