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H skeletal 2

carrot stick fractures are a clinical finding AS
HLA-B27 will be found 90% of time AS
Is rehumatoid factor present in AS no
psudowidening of joint space occurs AS
rosary bead sign AS
dagger sign AS
hang dog c-spine AS
ulcerative colitis and crohns disease are associated with this arthritis enteropathic arthritis
fractures through ankylosed bone carrot stick fractures
whiskering AS
lower 2/3 of SI joint is affected AS
has marginal syndesmophytes AS
bamboo spine AS
trolley track sign AS
ossofication of upper 1/3 of SI joint is called star sign
arthritis in sexually active males reiter's syndrome
prominent calcaneal spur reiter's syndrome
sausage digit psortiatic arthritis
arthritis mutilans psortiatic arthritis
mouse ear psortiatic arthritis
which part of hands does psortiatic arthritis affect DIP and PIP
ray pattern psortiatic arthritis
is psortiatic arthritis seronegative yes
what percentage of those with psoriasis will develop psortiatic arthritis 15
what characteristic feature is common in SLE skin rash
what percentage of those withe SLE will develop arthritis 90
reversible boutonnaire and swan neck deformities SLE
bilateral and symmetrical but reversible SLE
hitch hiker thumb scleroderma
CREST syndrome scleroderma
resorption of distal tufts scleroderma
dystrophic calcifications scleroderma
C in CREST calcinosis
R in CREST raynauds phenomenon
E in CREST esophageal abnormalities
S in CREST scleroderma
T in CREST telangiectasia
found in multiparous women OCI
triangular shaped sclerosis in lower ilium OCI
tophi gout
rising sun sign gout
sodium monurate gout
age and sex prevalency for gout males > 40
calcification of articular cartlilage chondrocalcinosis
chodrocalcinosis CPPD
common location for HADD shoulder
periarticular calcium deposits HADD
tendon calcification HADD
most common tendon to calcify in HADD supraspinatus
gullwing sign erosive osteoarthritis
forestiers disease DISH
dripping candle wax DISH
flame shaped osteophytes DISH
hyperostosis DISH
dysphagia due to anterior ossification DISH
fat, female, forty, L4 degenerative spondy
m/c area for pars defect L5
calcification of annular fibers intercallary bones
assymetric non-uniform joint space loss DJD
figure 8 appearance DJD
costotransverse arthrosis roberts syndrome
spondylosis deformans DJD
eburnation DJD
subchondral cysts DJD
geodes DJD
PIP and DIP affected DJD
m/c arthritis DJD
m/c levels of DJD in c-spine C5 and C6
m/c area of DJD in the knee medial tibiofemoral
spiking of tibial eminences DJD
least affected compartment of the knee in DJD patelofemoral compartment
morning stiffness with joint pain DISH
m/c area of DISH in the spine thoracic
cortical thickening at medial femur buttressing
flattening of superior femoral head tilt deformity
upper 1/3 of SI joint DISH
japanese disease OPLL
OPLL is associated with what arthritis DISH
charcot joint neurotrophic arthropathy
secondary to loss of joint proprioception neurotrophic arthropathy
2 types of neurotrophic arthropathy hypertrophic and atrophic
jigsaw vertebra neurotrophic arthropathy
tumbling blocks neurotrophic arthropathy
causes of hypertrophic neurotrophic arthropathy diabetes, alcoholism, and neurosyphilis
osteochondromatosis AKA synoviochondrometaplasia
multiple loose bodies in a joint synoviochondrometaplasia
m/c site for synoviochondrometaplasia knee
bilateral and symmetrical disease that is progressive RA
RA is more common in which sex females
fibular deviation Lanois deformity
Lanois deformity RA
bilateral protrusio acetabuli RA
otto's pelvis protrusio acetabuli
scapholunate disscociation terry thomas sign
stills disease JRA
seropositive juvenile onset rheumatoid factor
m/c JRA polyarticular
pauciarticular JRA best prognosis
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