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acids and bases

in a titration, the point where the indicator changes color and stays that way is the endpoint
in a titration, the solution for which the concentration is known is called the standard solution
H3O+ units are called hydronium ions
a substance that produces OH- ions in solution is a base
our blood contains______ which allow small amounts of acids or bases to be absorbed without harmful effects buffers
organic substances that change color in the presence of an acid and the positive ion of a base is a salt
antacids work because they..... excess stomach acid neutralize
a solution with a bitter taste and a slippery feel is most likely a base
a compound formed in a solution from the negative ion of an acid and the positive ion of a base is called a salt
how do antiacids work? they neutralize
organic substance that change color in the presence of an acid or base is a indicator
HCL is the formula for hydrochloric acid
When you wash your hands with soap, you are using a base
The terms dilute and concentrated refer to the concentration
The strength of a base that only partly ionizes in solution would be described as weak
A solution that is basic contains fewer OH ions than H3O+ ions
Alcohol is not a fossil fuel
A huge molecule made up of many smaller molecules is a polymer
a compound that is made up only of carbon and hydrogen is called hydrocarbon
a hydrocarbon that has one or more double or triple bonds is what kind of hydrocarbon unsaturated
Compounds that have identical chemical formulas but different Molecular structures and shapes are called isomers
a hydrocarbon in which one of more hydrogen atoms is replaced by an -OH group is an alcohol
alcohols are an example of substituted hydrocarbons
what is true of all aromatic compounds benzene ring
a hydrocarbon in which all of the carbon atom are joined to other carbon atoms by single covalent bonds is a hydrocarbon saturated
an isomer of a compound with the formula C2H6 would have the formula C2H6
petroleum is separated into individual compounds by each compounds boiling point
the structure of benzene can best be described as a ring
the individual molecules that make up a polymer are called monomers
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