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Affects on Reader


Text Structure-What affect does the alternation between characters (parallel story lines) have on the reader? It creates suspense for the reader and makes him/her want to keep reading and discover what happens next with the character they've left off with.
Point of View- What affect does the point of view about Beasties/Genetic Engineering have on the reader? Alek pictures the beasties as godless and repulsive, Deryn views them as beautiful and magnificent. We get to see both points of view which allows us the understand and picture it better.
Point of View- What affect does the point of view about the Stormwalkers used by Clankers have of the reader? Alek views the Stormwalkers as great and wonderful, while Deryn views them negatively because of her opposite belief.
What affect does Foreshadowing create for the reader? Examp. Alek took the first watch so he could sneak to the Leviathan. Foreshadowing helps the reader predict what'll happen later in the story.
What affect does Irony create for the reader? Examp. Alek relies on his "enemy" to escape his "allies" Irony's a tone created when things are opposite of what they should be
How does the Keeping of Secrets affect the reader? this creates suspense and interest in what is to come next in the story; whether or not the secret(s) will be exposed.
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