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World Geo. C.W.

Absolute Location the exact spot on which a place is found on the globe
Hemispheres two halves of the earth, divided north-south or east-west
Meteorology the study of weather forecasting and weather
place a particular place with physical and human meaning
ecosystem a community of plants and animals
Prime Meridian dividing line for the eastern and western hemishperes
Equator dividing line for the northern and southern hemispheres
Geographic Information System tool that processes and organizes data for geographers and others
Cartography he study of maps and mapmaking
solar system the sun and planets around it
evaporation the changing of a liquid to a gas
physical weathering the force that causes rocks to break down into smaller pieces
tectonic plates slabs of rock whose movement can create landforms
glaciers Large moving bodies of ice
Culture the language history and religion of a people
Oligarchy system under which a small group holds governmental power
Natural Increase growth rate of a population
Migration movement of people from place to place
Federal system that divides government between federal and state
Monopoly total control of a type of industry
Interdependence reliance of countries upon one another's resources
Natural Resource Management plan for sustained use of timber, fisheries, and mineral deposits
High- Tech Industries computer and internet business
Global Warming increase in Earths temperature due to pollution
Llanos grasslands in Colombia and Venezuela
Tierra Fria the highest and coldest climate zone in Latin America
Hydroelectric type of power generated by flowing water
Gauchos Cowhands who work in Argentina
Canopy continuous high layer of leaves covering the rain forest
Slash- And- Burn ancient technique used to clear land
Shantytown makeshift community
cash crop exported for profit
service industry provides service not goods
Created by: Melissa.Whitelaw