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World Geo. C.W.

Geographers Examine how people shape the world. True
Geographers depend on advanced scientific tools for their work. True
Physical geography if the study of how humans affect the earth. False
Geographers often use direct observation in their study of the earth. True
Geographers identify two types of regions: Uniform and absolute False
Relative location is expressed as an exact point on the grid. False
Meteorology is the study of meteors. False
The Word Geography comes from the Greek word meaning earth description True
The Prime Meridian is a line of Latititude False
Earths seven large landmasses are called continents. True
The outer layer of the earth is called the mantle False
Almost half of earths surface is water False
Earthquakes are sudden, violent movements along a fault line True
The ring of fire is an area of earthquake activity around the Indian Ocean True
The system of governent that divides power between a national government and a state government is called a federal system True
Population density is the average number of people living in square mile of land True
Urbanization is the movement of people to cities True
The great plains are a treeless expanse of grass True
The northeastern united states has a humid continental climate False
The Florida Everglades are an area of wetlands and swamps. True
Religion plays an important role in Latin America life True
Even today there are deep divisions between economic and social classes in Latin America False
Europeans set up colonies in Latin America to gain wealth for their countries True
People who are bilingual speak only one language False
Created by: Melissa.Whitelaw