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C2 B2L10B3L1 friends & hobbies

开学 (of school) to start kai xue
文学 literature wen xue
体育 sports ti yu
告诉 to tell gao su
情况 things; situation qing kuang
滑板 skateboard hua ban
俱乐部 club ju le bu
成立 to found; to establish cheng li
爱好者 enthusiast ai hao zhe
会员 member cheng yuan
条件 condition tiao jian
游泳 swim you yong
跳舞 dance tiao wu
听音乐 listen to music ting yin yue
踢足球 play soccer ti zu qiu
看电视 watch TV kan dian shi
看比赛 watch game/competition kan bi sai
去音乐会 go to concert qu yin yue hui
看小说 read novel kan xiao shuo
看电影 see a movie kan dian ying
打网球 play tennis da wang qiu
to be surnamed xìng
眼镜 glasses; spectacles yǎn jìng
short(of stature) ǎi
fat pàng
笑眯眯的 smiling xiào mī mī de
儿子 son ér zǐ
可爱 cute; lovely kě ài
round; chubby yuán
眼睛 eye yǎn jīng
wear; put on dài
看起来 adj looks+adj Kàn qǐlái
年轻 young Nián qīng
长得 adj looks adj; feature grow to be Zhǎng de
漂亮 beautiful piào liàng
skinny, slim shòu
又 adj 1 又 adj 2 adj1 also adj2 yòu adj1 yòu adj2
is like xiàng
___(someone)长得怎么样? How does ___(someone) look like? ___(someone)zhǎng dé zěn me yàng ?
handsome/cute for male shuài
好看 good looking hǎo kàn
ugly chǒu
pretty/beautiful měi
old for person or animals lǎo
特别 especially/special tè bié
非常 adjective extremely adjective fēi cháng adjective
太 adjective 了 too adjective tài adj le
长得 adj grew to be + adj zhǎng de
好久不见 long time no see hǎo jiǔ bu jiàn
very hěn
tall; high gao
爱好 to have sth. as a hobby ai hao
Created by: hcl
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