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ELA Mid-term Exam

Point Of View the attitude or outlook of that author or the character's perspective
Personification a figure of speech that takes a nonactive object by and gives it human characteristics
Pronouns a part of speech that substitutes nouns and noun phrases
Prepositions shows the relations of direction, time and location
Flashback refer to something that has happened in the past
Foreshadow predict what might happen after
Simile a figure of speech that makes a comparison drawing resemblance by using the word like or as
Metaphor a figure of speech that makes a comparison draws a resemblance by using single or common characteristics
Hyperbole a figure of speech that makes an exaggeration about someone or something
Interjections a figure of speech that expresses feelings and emotions
Characterization helps explain the characters in the story with much detail
Adverb changes the meaning of a verb, adjective or adverb
Adjectives describes a noun
Verb is the main part of the sentence that expresses action
Idioms an expression that can't be understood from the meanings of its separate words has a separate meaning of its own
Symbolization the act or instance of symbolizing
Audience a person reading a text, listening to the speaker or observing a performance
Voice is the author's style quality of the character's personality, feelings and emotions
Setting the time,or place a story takes place in
Dialogue the things that are said b a character in a story
Prefix is a word or phrase that you put at the beginning of a word
Suffix is a word or phrase that you put at the end of a word
Thesis Statement is the main idea you are trying to convey to your work
Imagery using vivid and figurative language in a story and the reader can visually see an image in their head
Main Idea the most important section or topic of a paragraph or essay
Cause and Effect is a comparison between two totally different things
Allusion is a brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing or idea
Irony the use of words to express something in a different form
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