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word definition
vital neccesary
nutrients something that is needed by people
inhabitants a person that lives in a place
classify to arrange in groups
diversity great difference
affect to make to make something happen
quality degree of excellence
variety lacking sameness
alarming to cause fear
mimic a person that imitates
unit 3 lesson 2
currents the part of air
delicate fragile
lush thick;rich
densely in a closing in packed
minerals a substance found in nature
encased to surround
transforms to change
perched to rest or sit
thrive do well
depoist a larhe amount of minerals
unit 3 lesson 3
descend to move down
canopy the highest part of a forest
humid damp
commuting to travel regulary
intrigued to fasinate
micro smallascend
ascended to go up
perilous risky
sychronized to make stuff happen at the same time
interlocking to connect
Adobe dried clay
Ample more than enough
Endure to survive or put up with
Drudgery unpleasant
habitats a place where an animal or human lives
burro a small donkey
Furrows a long narrow groove
shunned to avoid on purpose
Accumulate to collect
dense packed together
devoured to eat
obese extremely overwieght
tramsmits to send
isolate to place
epidemics an outbreak of disease
moral a lesson about right or wrong taught in a story
pursued to follow in order to capture
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