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Advertising Techniques

Association Using positive images, sounds, events, wording etc. In the hope that you will transfer your good feeling about image etc onto the product.
Call to Action Telling you what to do " Buy Now" for example, removes all doubts as to what your next steps are.
Claim Informing you of how the product works or helps you
Humour Using ads that make you laugh can catch the attention and make them more memorable
Hype Using words like "amazing" or "Incredible" make products sound more exciting
Must Have Suggesting that you must have the product to make yourself happy, popular or satisfied
Fear Using a product to solve something you worry about
Repetition Repating an idea or message so you remember it
Special Offers Promoting a special offer can make you feel that you are getting something extra for nothing
Sense Appeal Using images and sounds to appeal to your senses
Testimonials Featuring someone like a celebrity saying how the product has worked for them can be convincing
Weasel Words Implying a product by using words such as "Usually" or "Chances are"
Warm & Fuzzy Using sentimental images such as kids, animals and families to sell products
Scientific Evidence Using scientific charts and images to "prove" something that is often bogus. Statistics and and factual information canbe used to prove the superiority of a product.
Sales and Price Showing or announcing a discounted price can make the product sound better
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