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CSC 281 Final

Study for the final exam. Game design.

Of the three game theorists Abt, Costikyan and Juul, which one does not consider rules as being a central part of his definition of a game? Costikyan
Name three types of Game exhaustion. Narrative, Resource, Game World
Which type of rule: (operational, constitutive, implicit) In Call of Duty -- a player initiates a knife melee attack whenever he or she clicks down the right control stick operational
Which type of rule: (operational, constitutive, implicit) in chutes and ladders -- two or more pawns may be on the same square at the same time operational
Which type of rule: (operational, constitutive, implicit) in golf -- play is typically called to a halt during a thunderstorm implicit
Which type of rule: (operational, constitutive, implicit) in chess, a knight moves either one square forward/back and two squares right/left or two squares forward/back and one square right/left operational
Which type of rule: (operational, constitutive, implicit) in rock paper scissors the options for player choice forms a directed graph. in this graph, each choice ties with the identical move on the part of the opponent. constituative
In a state mechine describing a game of tic-tac-toe what aspects of the game define the transition arcs from any one game state to it's successor states? all possible actions!
Games where interactions among rules combine to create intricate and complex gameplay are called games of _____. emergence
T/F In GM, backgrounds can have multiple rooms but a room may have only one background FALSE
T/F pac-man is a game of emergence FALSE
T/F in GM, a sprite receives events while the game executes and responds with a series of aCtions defined to handle specific types of events. FALSE
T/F in monopoly, the fact that a token must move 9 spaces from one corner to the next is an example of a gameplay rule FALSE
T/F Some new game called BLAH BLAH fantasy 12 has a strategy guide. This likely means it is a game of progression. FALSE
T/F Any GM object that is located in a room must have a sprite FALSE
What is the phrase coined by Huizinga that is used to describe the distinct state of being in an "enchanted zone" of play? The magic circle
In a state machine describing a game of tic-tac-toe, what information is capture in a single state? the state of the game board (?)
What is the primary mode of game segmentation used in Pacman? challenge, it gets harder to play per level
Name the six elements of caillios' definition of play and give a short explanation. 1. rules : limitations , structure of the game 2. unproductive 3.uncertain outcome : 4. voluntary players 5. no material gain 6. realm outside the real world
Name the four types of game segmentation. Spatial , temporal , challenge, narrative
Spatial segmentation The division of the gameworld into different spaces, when this division also partitions gameplay.
temporal segmentation Limiting, synchronizing and/or coordinating player activity over time. (checkpoints in racing games grant more time)
challenge Dividing gameplay in discrete, self-contained challenging situations, which are perceived by the player as a test or trial.
narrative Dividing gameplay to put it at the service of the storyline of a game.
David Partlett Game definition ends and means
Clark C. Apt Definition (4) activity?; decision-makers; objectives; limiting context;
Huizinga Def (7) outside ordinary life; not serious; absorbing; no material gain/profit; boundaries; rules; social groups;
Caillois (6) free (voluntary players) , separate from real world . uncertain outcome, unproductive, rules, make-believe.
Suits (6) activity; voluntary ; goal; rules; inefficiency; acceptance;
Crawford (4) representation; interaction; conflict; safety;
Costikyan (5) art; decision - makers; resource management; game tokens; goal;
Avedon & sutton-smith (5) exercise of control systems; voluntary; contest; rules; different outcomes;
TEXTbook def of games (6) system; players; artificial; conflict; rules; quantifiable outcome;
E-GEMS project and Klawe and Laurel agree on these things computer game consoles are viewed as a male technology; wii was the first to break stereotype, first console marketed to women; computers are fairly gender neutral, with a male bias; mobile phones as a platform with female bias;
smart phone as a game platform; unclear gendering -- why? different genres of games; casual game on smartphone vs fps; can explore communication as a game mechanic;
brenda laurel Rockett's New School; creating games for women and girls;
laurel research: what girls hate about computer games : hate to die and start over; not interested in climbing steep learning curve just to claim mastery of something... girls hate being stuck behind obstacle or puzzle to move forward; experimental path with instant gratification;
klawe;s findings girls DO like puzzles and challenge; do not dumb down games for girls; ensure players don't get stuck; not interested in beating the clock;
Gender inclusive games design with expanded audience in mind; multiple ways of solving a problem; engaging story to make play worthwhile; options for both direct and indirect conflict;
what was the name of the first video game to create controversy around the level of violence in the game? death race. 1976. only about 1000 machines sold
core game mechanic set of actions performed over and over again
explain how juuls notion of valorization of play relates to a game's procedural rhetoric. *the developer is able to show or enlighten the player about certain values. valorization of play makes it so there are positive or negative outcomes depending on what a player does. procedural rhetoric is the rules or procedures within a game that can influence the actions that a character can make.
the valorization of outcome to not describe some possible outcomes as better than others and lets the player decide what they want to do.
what is the only reason crawford feels justified for graphics improvements in a game the further gameplay and improve the interactivity of the game.
what are the core elements of a 2d platform game jumping and platforms
explain the distinction between challenge and conflict in crawford's definitions people seek challenge, overcoming challenge expands the identity of a person. conflict is what makes challenge personal (drives challenge) .without conflict, a challenge is easily dealt with
types of challenge (8) cerebellar; sensorimotor; spacial reasoning; pattern rcognition; sequential; numerical; resource management; social reasoning;
Name five types of conflict verbal; physical; political; economical; performance;
under crawford's definition of interactivity, is the game Pong high interactivity or low interactivity? LOW INTERACTIVITY; this is because of the limited actions that the player can make. move the slider up and down.
interactivity definition interactivity is the amount of choices a player can make to affect the game or how much the medium listens to the player.
procedural rhetoric definition a way that a game can be expressive or persuasive through the procedures and rules
emergence simple rules combining in games that lead to variation of gameplay.
progression serially introduced challenge. only one path.
define operational, constituative, and implicit rules o = "rules of play" ; c = underlying formal structures; i = etiquette, good sportsmanship/ common knowledge
juul game definition (6) rules; variable and quantifiable outcome; valorization of outcome; player effort; player attached to outcome; negotiable consequences
first SCHMUP space invaders;Lone hero;xenophobic (us vs them)
which schmup had the first boss pheonix level 5
which schmup first had aliens dive bomb galaxian
schmup with scoring system with different values for formation, and double fire possible, and bonus round galaga
first scrolling and horizontal shooter defender
schmup with fuel challenge scramble
isometric projection shmup zaxxon
power up system ship gradius
first influential vertical scrolling shooter xevious
fancy narrative shmup salamander/lifeforce, twinbee
synchronized music and stuff schmup rez
violent games landmark points political and legal 1993congressional hearings -- first game rating system. negative tone. industry need to avoid congressional hearings. ESRB a voluntary system.
duncan moore steps 1. concept; 2. 2D map ; 3. whitebox; 4. final level production;
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