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Alpha Adrenergic Antagonist Agents Action = dilate arterioles and veins and decreases blood pressure SE: OH Ex. Cardura, Minipress
ACE Inhibitor Agents Action=decrease blood pressure SE=hypotension, hyperkalemia, hyponatremia Capoten, Vasotec
Antihyperlipidemia Agents Break down LDL and increase HDL levels SE: headache, GI distress Lipitor, Zocor
Antithrombotic Agents Inhibit platelet aggregation and clot formation SE: hemorrhage, thrombocytopenia, liver toxicity Aspirin, Plavix
Beta Blocker Agents Decrease the myocardial o2 demand by decreasing heart rate and contractility SE-bradycardia, cardiac arrhythmias Tenormin, Lopressor, Inderal
Calcium Channel Blocker Agents Decrease entry of Calcium into vascular smooth muscle cells resulting in diminished myocardial contraction, vasodilation, and decreased o2 demand SE=hypotension, dizziness, headache ex=Procardia, Cardizem
Diuretic Agents Diuril, Lasix
Nitrate Agents Decrease ischemia through smooth muscle relaxation and dilation of vessels se=the norm Nitrostat, Nitroglycerin
Positive Inotropic Agents Increase the force and velocity of myocardial contraction, slow heart rate Digoxin
Thrombolytic Agents Breaks down clots SE-hemorrhage, Urokinase, Activase
Antihistamine Blocks the effects of histamine side effects-OH, arrythmias,Gi distress, drowsness, thickening of bronchial secretions
Anti-inflammatory agents Prevent inflamma-mediated bronchoconstriction by inhibiting production of inflammatory cells SE-systemic - damage of supporting tissues, skin breakdown, osteoporosis, glaucoma, delayed growth, local effects - nasal irritation and dryness,bloody sputum
Brochodilator Agents side-effects=dry mouth, gi distress, chest pain, palpitations, tremor, nervousness ex-Atrovent, Albuterol, Serevent
Expetorant Agents Increase respiratory secretions to loosen mucus SE=GI distress, drowsiness
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