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Russia test

Chernozem black earth
Ural Mts. Seperate North European and west siberian plain
Eurasia Single continent of europe and asia
Transcaucasia Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan
Central Asia Kazakhstan...
Siberia part of russia in siberia
Continentiality The effect of distance on climate
Taiga largest coniferous forrest in the world
Run-off Rainfall not absobed by the soil
Trans-Siberian Railroad Linked moscow to Vladivostok
Baltic republics Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Czar russian emperor
Russian Revolution Ended rule of the czars
Cold war Non- Physical conflict between Russia and us
Command Economy central government makes all the decisions
Collective farms Large teams of laborers worked together
Red army Soviet military
Supra Georgian dinner party
Silk Road Route used to carry silk from china to central asia
Great game Struggle between Russia and britan over central asia
Nomads people who have no permanent home`
Yurts nomad tents
Caucasus A region that straddles the caucasus mts.
Chechnya Republic that russia invaded twice
Nagorno-karabkh Region armenia and azerbaijan fought over
Privitization The process where government owned businesses were sold to indivisuals or private companies
Distance decay Long distances between places make communication and transportation difficult
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