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PC Universal Prec


T or F Exam gloves used during rx, w/o any unusual incidents, can be used on another pt. false
definition of universal precautions control measure taken w/ pts who are KNOWN to be infected w/ blood borne pathogen
A HIV + PTA cannot... participate in sharp debridement
regarding individuals infected with HBV 1/3 have no symptoms/ 1/3 have mild flu like symp/ 1/3 develop acute hep w/ symp (including jaundice)/6-10% chronic & carriers /2%die
1st step in cleaning up an unknown spill: put on exam gloves
T or F The use of an eyeshield during wound care rx is inappropriate. false
after an exposure incident to blood (ie cut with scalpel during woundcare)... complete incident report/wash area immediately/ confidential prophylactic rx & testing by employee health
if you are exposed to HIV+ blood, what is the prophylactic rx of choice? AZT
what mode of transmission has accounted for most documented cases of occupational transmission: puncture wound
T or F You may have to wear exam gloves during all pt care when you have an open sore on your hand. true
Lyme's disease from a tick bite is ____ transmission vector
from contaminated packaged food is ____ transmission vehicle
touching the source is ____ transmission direct contact
touching contaminated walker is ____ transmission indirect
2 most important components of handwashing friction, time
T or F Gloves & gowns used for infection control are used only one time. true
your pt is on droplet isolation, you should wear a mask if you are going to be ____ ft (distance) or closer 3
a _____ infection is one acquired by the pt while receiving care in a hospital. nosacomial
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