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Bus 384: Chapter 14

whistle-blowing EE disclosure of an ER illegal, immoral, or illegitimate practices to persons of organizations that may be able to take corrective actions
due process in the context of discipline, fair and consistent treatment
just cause 1)notification 2)reasonable rule 3)investigation before discipline 4)fair investigation 5)proof of guilt 6)absences of discrimination 7)reasonable penalty
employment at will a common law rule used by ER to assert their right to end an employment relationship with an EE at any time for any cause
wrongful discharge termination of an EE for reasons that are either illegal or inappropriate
residual rights management rights are called this because they pertain to the remaining rights that are not affected by contracts or laws that represent the interests of EE or other parties such as unions
statutory rights rights protected by specific laws (ex: handicap people are protected by Title VI, and minorities and women are protected by the EEOC)
implied contract when ER makes oral or written promises of job security (ex: when handbook implies job security for good performance or in interview Er says "good performers always have a spot in the company."
hot-stove rule a model of disciplinary action: discipline should be immediate, provide ample warning, and be consistently applied to all
Mangers who suspect drug use should... refer to EAP counseling of organization and document performance problems and begin disciplinary procedures.
Which EE behaviors warrant immediate discharge? -assaulting a supervisor -falsifying employment records -drug use at work -theft -sabotage of company operations
manage disciplinary interview 1) don't lose temper 2) don't avoid disciplinary action altogether 3) don't play therapist 4) don't make excuses for an EE 5) use the progressive approach to discipline (don't wait till it is unbearable and you over react)
Created by: mbarnum3
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