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Mgmt 446 FINAL

engineering approach - who fredrick taylor
engineering approach - what tasks that maximize output and have minimum resources
engineering approach - types of jobs highly specialized (bank tellers, telephone operator)
engineering approach - benefits low costs easily trained
engineering approach - disadvantages critics suggest that it ignores social and psychological needs
motivational approach - who herzberg hackman and oldham
motivational approach - what views effectiveness of org activities as a function of member needs/satisfaction
diversity results from people who bring different -resources -perspectives -preferences -needs -expectations -lifestyles
external & internal pressures for and against diversity managements perspectives & priorities strategic responses implementation
examples of what stores are doing to make diversity-friendly values and practices into culture of org Age - "store clerk" job was redesigned to eliminate heavy lifting Disability- Blue Cross Blue Shield supervisor learned sign language
stress & wellness costs $300 billion
what employers can do to eliminate stress prevent negative stress outcomes which can lead to withdrawal behaviors and increased costs
johnson & johnson (stress & wellness programs) -in house treatment programs related to alcohol, drug abuse, marital, family, emotional, and mental health difficulties (EAPs) 90% of all domestic employees had direct access to an EAP
intuitive order 1. vision 2. direction 3. strategy 4. commitment/people
counter-intuitive 1. people in ("on the bus") 2. people out ("off the bus") 3. vision 4. strategy
three truths 1. "who" rather than "what" allows flexibility 2. right people means less time motivating 3. wrong people will not allow for greatness
bank of americas strategy v. wells fargos strategy BOA: "weak generals, strong lieutenants" (weak upper management, strong workers) Wells: CEO Cooley built one of the most talented mgmt teams in industry
walgreen v. eckerd eckerd: -picked right stores -right locations -no succession planning -no executive, lots of helpers -strategy in Eckerd's head Walgreen: -picked right people to hire -right people/right seats -rigorous succession planning -strategy discussed
relationship between executive compensation and the process of going from good to great? no relationship
what should the role of compensation be? keep the right people on the bus
three practical disciplines when in doubt, don't hire when you need to make a people change - act put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not your biggest problems
hedgehog concept fox: many things at the same time (often missing the big picture) hedgehogs: focus on a single organizing idea
3 parts of hedgehog concept what are you passionate about? what can you be the best in the world at? what drives your economic engine?
2 things that had no impact strategy industry
how long did it take good-to-great companies to get the hedgehog concept? four years
walgreens - hedgehog concept goal: best, most convenient drugstores with high profit/customer visit replaced inconvenient locations with convenient ones clustered stores (closer for walking) one hour photo drive-thru pharmacy
organizational transformations interventions that change the basic character of organization
org transformations result from -industry discontinuities -product life cycle shifts -internal company dynamic
3 kinds of org transformation interventions 1. organizational learning and knowledge management 2. culture change 3. self design
organizational learning & knowledge management intervention empowered members take responsibility for strategic direction
organizational transformation - culture change intervention culture impacts: -strategy formulation and implementation -ability to achieve high levels of performance -some doubt large firms can bring about change in culture (estimate 6 to 15 years)
Alberto Culver - org transformation: culture (7 year culture change effort) Performance in core bus. suffered Survey to employees found culture was not aligned w/ changing bus. needs Committed influential top mgrs Mgmt restructuring Explicit values New Roles & Practices Increased sales & pretax profit gains after 7 years
Diagnosing Org Culture -behavioral approach -competing values approach -deep assumptions approach
Diagnosing Org Culture: Behavioral Approach surface level of org culture practical approach --> observable behaviors ex: support the boss, guard your turf
Diagnosing Org Culture: Competing Values Approach "value pairs" flexibility & discretion or stability and control
Diagnosing Org Culture: Deep Assumptions Approach emphasizes the tacit and shared assumptions that guide member behavior problems: subcultures, people say they hold values but actually hold different values
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