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Human Geo1

Study material for Geography C.A.1 - matching section

Cultural convergence Sharing traits with another culture
Cultural divergence Restricting a culture from outside influence
Culture Beliefs and customs that define a group's way of life
Material culture Physical things that are part of culture
Nonmaterial culture Ideas or beliefs that are part of culture
Immigrant A person who comes in to a new country
Emigrant A person who leaves his or her country
Monarchy Government with one person in charge who inherited his/her position (got it through family)
Dictatorship Government with one person in charge who got power by military force
Democracy Government in which people have the power
Urban City
Rural Countryside
Market economy Economy in which businesses are privately owned
Command economy Economy in which the state makes all decisions
Subsistence farming Growing only enough food for your family or village
Commercial farming Growing a large amount with the purpose of selling it for profit
Cottage industry Business that involves making a product by hand
Primary economic activity Using a natural resource directly
Quaternary economic activity Job that focuses on gathering and sharing information
Natural resources Materials from the natural environment that people use to meet their needs
Fossil fuels Materials formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals
Solar energy Energy that comes from the sun
Geothermal energy Energy that comes from the earth's heat
Nuclear energy Energy that comes from splitting uranium atoms
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